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Welcome to Grand Theft Wiki
This page will help get you started and contributing to this site!

Step 1 - Get an Account

You need to be logged into an account before you can edit any pages:

If you have an account on Wikia, you'll need to create a new one for Grand Theft Wiki

Step 2 - Verify your Account

Grand Theft Wiki requires you to provide an email address and verify it before you can edit.

We will send you an email instantly - click on the link to verify your account.

Step 3 - Practice editing in our Sandbox

Grand Theft Wiki has a Sandbox - this is a page you can play around with and test out editing without breaking anything.

To edit the sandbox:

  • Go to the Sandbox page
  • Click the 'Edit' button in the top-right
  • Type in some text
  • Click 'Preview Edited Page' - see if it shows up the way you expect
  • Click 'Publish this Edit' to save the page
  • Your edit is now visible on Grand Theft Wiki for all the world to see

Step 4 - Get going

You're now ready to start editing any page on Grand Theft Wiki!

Have a look around the wiki -

  • Start at Template:Gta, find some subjects you know about, and add in any
  • If there's a page we don't have, go to Help:Create to make it

Step 5 - Hone your skills

Once you've had some practice editing, it's time to learn some more advanced editing skills

Check out our Help pages, including: