Help:Profile Tools

Profile Tools are a new feature on Grand Theft Wiki, which gives our users the option between a Social user page and a standard wiki-formatted one. There are several components to these tools, including Avatars, Awards, Friends, Gifts and a Userbox generator.

Social Profiles

Users wiki-formatted User pages have been moved to [[UserWiki:name]] (eg UserWiki:Gboyers), and the new social user profiles are visible at [[User_profile:Kirkburn]] (eg User_profile:Kirkburn). Their main user page [[User:name]] (eg User:Gboyers) can display either of these, switched by the button at the top of the page ("Use Social Profile" or "Use wiki userpage").


You can now upload your own avatar, which shows up around the wiki. For example, at the bottom of an article you can see the avatars of who last edited.


New tags available for use include:

  • <loggedin>Show something to Logged in users only</loggedin>
  • <loggedout>Show something to Logged out users only</loggedout>
  • <randomuserswithavatars count=15 row=5></randomuserswithavatars> (Show 15 random avatars)
  • <welcomeUser></welcomeUser> (Display any open friend requests, gifts or other social notifications)
  • <siteactivity limit=25></siteactivity> (Visual version of Recent Edits)
  • <widget>name</widget> (include a widget in a page)