Help:Recent Edits

Recent Edits (also known as 'Recent Changes') is a special page which tracks the most recent changes made on articles belonging to Grand Theft Wiki.

To access recent edits, go to: Special:RecentChanges or click the "Recent Edits" link in the navigation box to the left.


In order, this shows you the following information:

  • Difference between this edit and the previous one
  • Full history of the page
  • 'N' if the edit creates a 'new' page
  • 'm' if the edit is marked as a 'minor' edit
  • Link to the page
  • Time of the edit
  • Change in page size (plus or minus)
  • User that made the edit
  • Link to that user's talk page
  • Link to that user's contributions (list of edits)
  • Edit summary


What are the numbers in brackets indicating?

This shows whether that edit has increased or decreased the size of the page's code, overall, measured in bytes. Bear in mind that many edits will remove and add content, whilst this just shows the total. Green numbers show a positive increase, whilst red negative numbers show a decrease. If the edit increases or decreases the size by more than 500 bytes, that will show in bold to indicate that it is a major edit. This will bring the edit to the attention of staff to check that the page hasn't been blanked or filled with spam. These numbers are only shown when page's code is edited, not for image uploading or log operations such as deleting pages or changing user's rights.

What are the italic words, in brackets, at the end?

These are edit summaries - the user's explanation of what they changed. Most page edits give you the opportunity to enter an edit summary at the bottom. You should always take this opportunity to explain what you have done. This makes it easier for staff to keep track of what's going on on the wiki, but it also means other editors can see why you made a particular edit. Sometimes it is not obvious, and they might undo or revert your edit thinking that it was unnecessary or even damaging. You should always try to add an edit summary, but especially when it is a major edit.

What do the (diff | his) mean?

'Diff' shows the 'difference' in the page before and after you edited it. The diff link takes you to a side-by-side comparison of the page code, showing and highlighting the sections of code that were changed in the edit. From here you can also see the full edit summary, and undo/revert the edit.

'His' shows the full history of all the edits to that page, not just the most recent diff. From here you can see all the edits, all the contributors, and undo/revert/rollback as necessary.

What do the (talk | contribs) mean?

For the user that made that edit, 'talk' takes you to their personal talk page, whilst 'contribs' shows you all of that user's contributions (edits they've made). The contribs link is useful to determine whether they are a spammer, and if there is a problem, for finding other edits by the same user that you may also need to correct.

What is a 'minor' edit?

Next to the save button, you can tick "This is a minor edit" to mark your edit as being minor. You should only mark an edit as minor if your edit is only to fix something small, and does NOT change the meaning or overall structure/style of the page. For example, correcting a spelling mistake or fixing a broken line of code. The rule of thumb is only to mark it minor if nobody could ever possibly disagree with you. Remember that even tiny edits can have a big impact on the page, so always preview your edits before saving. Edits marked as minor are not treated differently - they will still be inspected by staff - but it helps when looking through page histories to be able to see when big changes were made.

What does the 'N' indicate?

The 'N' automatically appears if an editor created a new page or article. Unlike minor edits, you do not have the option to manually mark the edit as a new page or not. Much like the bold numbers resembling bytes, this icon appears bold, drawing the attention of staff to inspect whether the page contains spam or good, useful information.

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