"Reverting" refers to changing a page back to an earlier version.

This is used when a user makes a mistake and breaks the code, or to undo deliberate vandalism, spam or abuse. These techniques are usually quicker, simpler and more accurate than manually changing the code of a page.

Grand Theft Wiki Staff Members and Trusted Users have an extra button called "Rollback" which undoes all revisions to the page up until the previous editor. So if the spammer edited the page 3 times, it would instantly revert it back 3 versions to the last one edited by someone else.

For all other users, there are 3 options. You should look at the History for the affected page before acting (click "View History" in the top right).

  • If you only need to revert the last edit to the page, just click the "undo" button and then save
  • If you need to revert back to an earlier version of the page (losing ALL edits since):
    1. Click on the date to see that version of the page, and check it is what you need
    2. Hit edit, and check it is all fixed
    3. Leave an edit summary (in the box below the edit window) to explain why you are reverting
    4. Hit save
  • If the damage is in the past, or is too complicated for the above methods, you will have to manually edit the page

If you are not sure how to proceed, you should tag the page with a Cleanup Template such as {{vandal}} or {{spam}}. This will alert staff members to the problem, who can take swift action.

If the page is very offensive, pornographic or advertising, you can blank the page as a temporary measure, and replace the content with {{delete}} (for speedy delete). It is ALWAYS possible to undo any edits you've done, so don't be scared.

See also: Grand Theft Wiki: No Shrines for Vandals