Hugh Harrison

Hugh Harrison
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Hugh Harrison


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Ameican Midwest
Los Santos
Main Affiliations Lazlow
Anita Mendoza
Imran Shinowa
Occupation Record company executive
Reality television show judge
Voiced by Fred Armisen

Hugh Harrison is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. Hugh is voiced by Fred Armisen.

Character history

Hugh Harrison is, in 2013, an American former record label executive and a judge on the reality television show Fame or Shame. Originally from the American Midwest, Hugh puts on a fake British accent and claims to be from England in an attempt to appear more cultured. He had previously worked as a record label executive until 'the Internet began dismantling record companies' resulting in him losing his 'job of partying backstage with celebrities, doing drugs, banging hot young women, and making 90% of the profits on the back of everyone else's hard work'.

After losing his job he read On the Origin of Species by British author Charles Darwin and founded the British version of Fame or Shame and forcing all contestants to sign up to his new record company in order to compete. In 2013 a video appeared on the internet showing a drunk Harrison speaking in an upper Midwest accent although he continued to claim to be from Britain. On Fame or Shame, he is seen constantly insulting the shows host Lazlow along with fellow judges Anita Mendoza, who loves his British sense of humour, and Imran Shinowa, constantly questioning Lazlow's sexuality. Harrison, however, appears to have an intense hatred of Lazlow as he is even seen assaulting Lazlow with his microphone on the show.

Mission appearance