Fame or Shame (mission)

Fame or Shame
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Michael De Santa
Objective Stop Tracey's audition for Fame or Shame, then chase after and confront Lazlow Jones
Location Maze Bank Arena, Los Santos River
Fail Death of Michael De Santa
Arrest of Michael De Santa
Death of Trevor Philips
Arrest of Trevor Philips
Death of Lazlow Jones
Lazlow escapes
The tractor trailer is destroyed
Unlocks Dead Man Walking
Scouting the Port
Hotel Assassination
Unlocked by Friends Reunited
Achievements A Friendship Resurrected
Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Fame or Shame is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Michael De Santa for himself and Trevor Philips.


As Michael De Santa is preparing himself a drink in the kitchen, he finds a brick of marijuana belonging to Jimmy in the freezer. At the same time, Amanda walks in, asking if the marijuana belongs to him. Michael and Amanda start to have an argument about their children and marriage. During their argument, Amanda's yoga instructor Fabien LaRouche walks in. Jimmy comes into the kitchen shortly thereafter, and Michael confronts him about the weed. As Amanda stops a near-fight between her husband and son, Trevor Philips unexpectedly walks in, leaving everyone in the room shocked. As Trevor gets reacquainted with everyone, he asks where Tracey is. Jimmy states that she is at the Maze Bank Arena auditioning for the reality talent show Fame or Shame. Not wanting Tracey to become a laughing stock on national TV, Trevor demands that he and Michael go to the arena and stop the audition.

After leaving the De Santa mansion, Michael says he could probably handle the Tracey situation himself and wants to get a beer with Trevor to catch up; however, Trevor turns down the offer. On the way to the arena, Michael and Trevor argue about how they handled their lives over the past decade. Upon arriving at the arena, Trevor grabs a contestant coordinator, demanding to know where Lazlow is. Michael and Trevor barge in on the auditions as Tracey is about to perform. Tracey is surprised to see Trevor, running over to him for a quick hug. Tracey then starts to do a sexually provocative dance for the judges. Michael and Trevor are not pleased to see her dancing as they abruptly stop the performance, assaulting Lazlow and a security guard in the process. Lazlow darts out of the arena, and Michael and Trevor give chase, while Tracey throws a tantrum over her ruined audition.

After exiting the arena, Michael finds his car towed away, so he and Trevor steal a tractor-trailer and chase Lazlow's Dilettante through eastern Los Santos. During the chase, Michael tells Trevor that they are going to intimidate Lazlow, but not kill him. Eventually, the chase ends up at the Los Santos River, where Lazlow's car breaks down. Michael and Trevor confront Lazlow and proceed to humiliate him. After Trevor leaves the scene, Michael calls his FIB contact Dave Norton about Trevor. Agent Norton wants Michael to meet him at the Galileo Observatory as soon as possible.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Fastest Speed Reach top speed in the Phantom.
Bearing Down Stay close to Lazlow during the chase.
No, I Can Park There Knock out the event coordinator outside of the arena.
All Hooked Up Do not unhook the trailer.


Upon successfully completing the mission, the player earns the "A Friendship Resurrected" achievement/trophy.


  • If the player is close to Lazlow's car and holds the cinematic camera button (B/Circle), the player can see Lazlow panicking about Trevor and Michael chasing after him.
  • The song played during Tracey's audition is Rick James' "Give It To Me, Baby", which can be heard on Space 103.2.
  • The character of Lazlow has been featured in every GTA game since GTA III as a featured radio show host or DJ (the actor himself has also written for the GTA series). This mission marks the first time that Lazlow is actually seen on screen and encounters a GTA protagonist.

Video walkthrough

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