Anita Mendoza

Anita Mendoza
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Anita Mendoza


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Hugh Harrison
Imran Shinowa
Occupation Singer
Reality television show judge
Voiced by Joy Suprano

Anita Mendoza is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. Anita is voiced by Joy Suprano.

Character history

Anita Mendoza is, in 2013, a former pop singer and a judge on the reality television show Fame or Shame. In the 1990s she had a string of pop hits before entering into rehabilitation centers on numerous occasions in the early 2000s. She managed to revive her career and released a perfume, which is 'selling remarkably well', and a series of workout clothes. During this time she also married three top rappers but divorced all three. She loves Hugh Harrison's British accent and humour, often joining Hugh and fellow judge Imran Shinowa in insulting Lazlow including claiming that he slept with Siobhan O'Day in exchange for a place in the finals, which Lazlow later admits.

Mission appearance