I Fought the Law

I Fought the Law
Game GTA V
For Devin Weston
Target Entity XF
Fail The target cars outrun the protagonists
Any of the target cars are destroyed
The protagonists' vehicles are destroyed
Unlocks Eye in the Sky
Unlocked by Blitz Play

I Fought the Law is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Devin Weston to Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa.


Franklin meets Weston and his legal counsel Molly Schultz at the high-rise construction site in Downtown Los Santos. Weston tells Franklin that he wants him, Trevor and Michael to steal several exotic sports cars from Weston's contemporaries so that he can ship them to China. Franklin asks why, and Weston responds by saying that he is rich enough to do anything he wants. Trevor then shows up and tries to flirt with Ms. Schultz; however, she mostly ignores his advances. Weston tells Trevor that he and Michael are going to dress up as traffic cops to steal two cars from two trust fund kids he dislikes. Michael shows up late, and Trevor gives him their brief. Before she departs, Ms. Schultz tells the protagonists that the two boys like to race on the Senora Freeway. After Michael and Trevor leave, Franklin expresses doubt about the job, and Weston tells him that this is his lucky break.

Franklin leaves the construction site for the Ron gas station off the Senora Freeway. On the way, Franklin calls Michael to tell him that he's about the meet the trust fund kids, and Michael tells Franklin that they will intercept them in Grapeseed. Once Franklin arrives, he challenges the two trust fund kids to a race. Once Franklin reaches Grapeseed, he calls Michael to tell him to get ready, and he and Trevor begin to chase the group. Eventually, the group stops at the bridge southwest of Paleto Bay. Michael and Trevor carjack to the two trust fund kids, and return to Los Santos. One of the protagonists calls Ms. Schultz, telling her that they secured the cars, and she tells the protagonists to deliver them to Weston's garage on Little Big Horn Ave in South Los Santos. On the way, Franklin challenges Michael and Trevor to a race, stating that the trust fund kids were too slow.

When the protagonists arrive at the garage, Weston debriefs the group. Franklin and Trevor demand payment for their work; however, Weston states that his order was for five cars, and he will pay them once all five cars are delivered. Ms. Schultz tells the group about their next car, the Z-Type belonging to record executive Chad Mulligan. Ms. Schultz states that the car is in a lockup in Hawick; however, since Mulligan is going through a divorce and hiding his assets, it makes any ground surveillance impossible. Ms. Schultz states that Trevor will need to track Mulligan from the air while Franklin secures the car. After Weston leaves, Michael and Trevor change out of the traffic cop uniforms and back into their regular clothes.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Tight Squeeze Race between the two trucks.
Bus Passed Race between the two buses.
Follow the Leader As, Michael, follow Trevor through the tunnel.
Time Complete the mission within 12 minutes.
Split Seconds Use Franklin's special ability during the race.

Video walkthrough

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