Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Trevor Philips
For Devin Weston
Objective Track Chad Mulligan to find his Z-Type and deliver it to Weston's hanger at LSIA
Fail Lose the Z-Type
The Z-Type is destroyed
Unlocks Deep Inside
Unlocked by I Fought the Law

Eye in the Sky is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Devin Weston to Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips.


After stealing two of the five cars Devin Weston requested, Weston's legal counsel Molly Schultz briefs Franklin and Trevor on their next car, a Truffade Z-Type belonging to record executive Chad Mulligan. Molly states that Chad is going through a divorce, causing him to hide his assets, including the Z-Type, storing the car in a lockup in Hawick. Molly informs Trevor and Franklin that they have access to an LSPD helicopter outfitted with an on-board computer which can track pedestrians who hold a 2012 issue San Andreas state driver's license. Molly tells Trevor that he will track Mulligan while Franklin secures the car.

Trevor goes to the police station in Mission Row to access the police helicopter. After the pilot takes off, he tells Trevor how to operate the tracking camera. Trevor asks the pilot to fly towards where Franklin, who is at the FIB's lot in El Burro Heights, to test the tracker. After reaching Franklin's location, Trevor scans him and finds that he was arrested for public exposure, which disgusts Trevor. Trevor tells the pilot to go to Hawick. Upon arriving, Trevor scans various targets until he finds Chad. While searching, Trevor can listen in on conversations.

Once Trevor finds Chad, he has the pilot follow him until they reach the lockup. When they find the lockup, Franklin confronts Chad, and he flees in the Z-Type. Trevor relays the car's location to Franklin until Mulligan stops in a multistory parking garage near the Lifeinvader building. Trevor tells the pilot to fly closer to the parking deck, and the pilot tells Trevor that he can activate the camera's thermal scope to help him find Chad. Once Chad is found, Franklin takes the car, and calls Molly, who tells him to take the car to Weston's hanger at Los Santos International Airport. If Chad is left alive, he calls the police to report his car as stolen, forcing Franklin to evade the cops before delivering the vehicle. After Weston debriefs Franklin, he leaves the airport.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Not a Scratch Deliver the Z-Type with no damage.
Eavesdropper Listen to 3 conversations.
I See You Find Chad's hiding place in the parking deck on the first attempt.

Video walkthrough

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