Blitz Play

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Blitz Play
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Franklin Clinton
Trevor Philips
For Steve Haines
Objective Ambush a Securicar and hold off LSPD resistance
Target IAA bonds
Fail The Trashmaster is destroyed prematurely
Reward "Blitzed" achievement/trophy
Unlocks I Fought the Law
Mr. Richards
Unlocked by The Merryweather Heist
Did Somebody Say Yoga?
Trash Truck
Tow Truck
Hood Safari
Hotel Assassination

Blitz Play is the third heist mission in Grand Theft Auto V. The heist is completed by Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton for corrupt FIB Agent Steve Haines.


Michael, Trevor, and Franklin meet FIB Agents Steve Haines, Dave Norton and Andreas Sanchez at the Covington Supplies warehouse in El Burro Heights. Haines tells the protagonists that they are going to ambush an armored car containing bonds belonging to the International Affairs Agency, stating that the FIB needs that money for their affairs. Michael protests, stating that they don't have time to prepare the right way; however, Haines states that it's not his problem.

After the FIB Agents leave, the protagonists work on how to execute the heist. Michael gets an idea, calling it a "classic blitz play". Since the armored car is going to be in an industrial area, Michael suggests using a Trashmaster to block the street and a Tow Truck to ram the armored car off the road. After the protagonists go their separate ways, Michael conference calls Trevor and Franklin, stating that they need boiler suits and masks as disguises and a getaway vehicle parked discreetly away from the lot where the ambush is going to take place. After all of the setup missions are completed, Agent Haines calls Michael to tell him to take the stolen bonds to Devin Weston.


The protagonists meet at Covington Supplies for a brief. Michael gives Franklin and Trevor their assignments. Trevor is on look out for the armored car, Michael blocks the road with the Trashmaster, and Franklin rams the armored car in the Tow Truck. After the briefing, the crew dons their disguises and drive off to Cypress Flats.

Once Michael arrives at the ambush site, he radios Trevor about the armored car's position. Trevor spots the armored car and tells Michael to get in position. After Michael blocks the road, he tells Franklin to be on standby when the armored car arrives. When the armored car is stopped, Franklin t-bones the armored car at high speed, sending it to its side. Michael and Franklin blow the rear doors off and subdue the guards, who tell their attackers that the LSPD are on their way.

Michael tells Franklin and Trevor that they can't get away while cops are swarming, so they are forced to stand their ground. As the crew fights off the police, NOOSE reinforcements are brought in. After thinning out the law enforcement, Michael states that they have a window and tells Franklin to take the trash truck to the getaway vehicle while he delivers the bonds to Devin Weston. After reaching the getaway vehicle, Franklin destroys the Trashmaster and leaves the area. When Michael arrives at Weston's estate, he finds Weston playing a game on his smartphone. Weston tells Michael that he wants to hire him, Franklin, and Trevor to steal 5 sports cars. Michael states that he's not interested but will tell Franklin about the job. Before Michael leaves, Weston tells him that he can hook Michael up with his film idol, Solomon Richards.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Hawk Down As Trevor, shoot down the helicopter.
Headshots Kill at least 12 officers with a headshot.
Accuracy Complete the mission with at least 60% shooting accuracy.
Switcher Switch protagonists at least 10 times.


Upon successful completion of the mission, the player earns the "Blitzed" achievement/trophy.

Video walkthrough

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