I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle/Script

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The following is a script of the mission "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Kate: Oh, there he is... the sophisticated European!

Niko: I don't know about that.

Kate: So, how are you?

Niko: Alright, yeah.

Maureen: Kate! Don't stand there talking to him on the door step, ask him in...

Kate: Come in. Ma, you remember the boys' friend, Niko?

Maureen: How are you?

Niko: Good, and you?

Maureen: Put it like this, my boys are out of control, my daughter can't find a man, and my husband is in hell. I'm thinking... God moves in mysterious ways.

Kate: That's Mother for you. Always a joy.

Gerald: Niko! You made it, huh?

Kate: Well, I'll leave you to your men's talk. I hope you impress each other.

Gerald: Hey, look at me. Yeah. Yeah... I thought so. You'll do fine.

Niko: Fine at what?

Gerald: Some gimp work for the Pegorinos. I owe them. Oh, please... I'd do it myself, but I think I'm being watched by the cops, someone. I think I'm about to get pinched again.

Niko: Shit, really?

Gerald: Yeah. It's happened before. I keep seeing the same car watching. All it means is someone's been speaking, we just have to find out who and make 'em stop. In the meantime, I'm gonna chill things out for a bit. So... I need your help.

Niko: Okay.

Gerald: Attaboy... come on, got something to show you. Now Pegorino's a funny guy. Seems like his main motivation is putting his Guernsey crew on par with the five old families. Ancelottis being the weakest, he's decided to stir shit up for 'em. Now, the Ancelottis have an uneasy alliance with some Albanians. They use them as hitmen, thugs, bullies.

Niko: I know the type.

Gerald: Much like Jimmy the Guido uses us. So. What you're gonna do is disguise yourself as an Albanian, and then go whack Frankie Garone, an Ancelotti long time capo.

Niko: Sure. Which Albanian?

Gerald: This one.

(Gerald show Niko a dead Albanian stuffed in his refrigerator)

(Niko drives to Algonquin and finks Frankie Garone standing over an injured Albanian)

Frankie: Fucking sneaky scumbag. Tony Black didn't do nothing to nobody who didn't deserve it. What the fuck? We're going to the mattresses for sure.

Post mission phone call

Niko: Frankie Garone's sleeping with the fishes. Anyone who saw us is going to describe the Albanian you got on ice.

Gerald: Nice work. Real nice. I'll let Jimmy P know about that. I'll cut you in on anything he throws my way. Don't know how long I'm gonna be outside though. I feel like the ops might knock Ma's door down at any moment. Take me to the pen.

Niko: Good luck with that, Gerry.

Gerald: Yeah thanks. Please. Look after my family if I go inside.

Failing the mission

Frankie escapes

Niko: Frankie got away from me, Gerry. I'm sorry.

Gerald: Damn these guidos is slippery. I thought you'd have him for sure. Alright come back and meet me at Ma's place.

Changing clothes

Niko: That Albanian's hygiene weren't so good. I had to change out of his clothes.

Gerald: Niko, you dumb fuck, the whole plan relied upon your being mistaken for that particular Albo. Moron. Come back here.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Frankie: From now on, we're only using Sicilian muscle.

Frankie: I knew you boys would make a play for big time.

Frankie: This is America, you will never make it big.

Frankie: You guys is dirt.