If the Price is Right/Script

The following is a script of the mission "If the Price is Right" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Niko: Hey, Phil. You excited about this deal?


Niko: Big Phil, what's up?

Niko: Alright there, Phil. Seen any choppers or submarines or anything?

Phil: We're going to Port Tudor. Let's move.

(Niko drives to the compound)

Phil: Dimitri's giving the buyer the H while we pick up the money. We'll get a call from him when they have the stuff, then the buyers will hand over the funds. Couldn't be simpler.

Niko: How come everything we get into starts off simple and ends up real complicated? Well, at least I don't have to see that weasel Dimitri in the flesh.

Phil: Yeah, I met him when Jimmy P set up the deal. There's something about him I don't trust. He ain't someone I'd work with more than once, no matter how much he's earning us.

Niko: That's a smart move. I worked with him and he double crossed me. Sold me out to someone I had history with. I nearly got killed and I never thought I'd cooperate with him again.

Phil: Money makes people do the strangest things, don't it?

(They arrive at the compound)

Mafia: Hey, are you guys here to pick up the cash?

Phil: That's right. Where is it?

Mafia: When we get word that the brown is good, we'll give up the cash. You just head into the compound and wait for us to give you the nod.

(Niko drives into the compound and talks with Dimitri on the phone)

Dimitri: Niko Bellic, it's so good to be working with you again.

Niko: I cannot say I have the same enthusiasm for this partnership. Have you given them the H? I want to get this money and go home.

Dimitri: You know what? I thought, 'Why should we hand over the H for this price?' I thought it'd be easier if I just killed those guys and kept it.

Niko: Easier for who? What the fuck are you doing? Me and Phil are in their compound. What's going to happen when they find out?

Dimitri: If I was you, I'd go and get the money off them. It has to be on the site. That way we all win. Good luck, Niko.

(Niko hangs up)

Niko: Fucking Dimitri, he's killed the guys collecting the stuff.

Phil: Shit, we're screwed. They ain't gonna let us leave. Alright, if we're fighting, we're fighting for the money. We got the jump on them right now. Follow me.

(The two run around to the back of the warehouse)

Phil: Up on the roof, Niko. Let's see if we can figure out what's going on inside.

(They climb a ladder up to the roof)

Phil: We're in this together man, come on, come on.

Phil: Stick close to me, Niko.

Phil: Don't go too far, Niko. Follow me.

Phil: This way.

(The two run over to a window)

Phil: Alright, the money's in there. Once we're in, it's all or nothing.

Niko: Let's go then.

(Phil pulls out a carbine rifle and shoots the window)

Phil: Come after me...

(The two begin fighting the Mafia)

Phil: Get those guys.

Phil: Shit, Niko. Look over there.

Phil: Niko, they're over there.

Phil: Gimme some cover.

Phil: Lay down some fire.

Phil: Shit, man. Cover me.

Phil: Cover me, Niko.

Phil: I need you to lay down some covering fire.

(The two reach the office)

Phil: Niko, I can't get in. You gotta give me some help.

(The buyer takes the money and flees)

Phil: The punk is getting away with the money. I ain't come this far to let it go. Come on.

(The two make it outside)

Phil: We need a car if we're gonna chase that bastard.

(The two get in a vehicle and begin chasing the buyer whilst dodging obstacles)

Niko: Come on. There's a way through.

Niko: This is not going to stop us.

Niko: This is not going to stop us getting the money.

Niko: I don't care what falls in our path, we are getting the cash.

Niko: He thinks this will hold us back.

Niko: I did not kill those men to have this stuff stop me getting the cash.

Niko: Oh, he is not going anywhere. Not with our money.

Niko: I just want to take the money and go home.

Niko: Where is he going with our money?

Niko: He's not keeping that money.

Niko: We are getting the cash off him. Be sure of that.

Niko: We are going to get that money, Phil.

Niko: I am going to think about Dimitri when we kill this man with our money.

Niko: We've had to kill a lot of men for this money. It's rightfully ours.

Phil: You're right on him.

Phil: We need that money.

Phil: Get him, Niko.

(If the buyer gets too far away)

Phil: Fuck, you're losing him.

Phil: This ain't good. Don't lose him.

Phil: Get after him. Come on, Niko. Get that motherfucker.

Phil: I ain't come this far to lose that cash. Come on, Niko.

Phil: The money's getting away.

(The buyer is killed and the two retrieve the money)

Niko: We got it.

Phil: Thank fucking God. That certainly wasn't simple.

(Niko takes Phil back to Port Tudor)

Phil: Fucking Dimitri, I ain't never been put in a situation like that before.

Niko: I guess you get used to it when you hang around him long enough.

Phil: If they'd gotten tipped off before Dimitri called us, we woulda been fucked. It woulda been an execution.

Niko: Dimitri likes to set up executions. He set up his best friend Mikhail Faustin.

Phil: You gonna kill him then?

Niko: No, it's over for me, I'm out. If I was going to kill him I would have done that instead of this deal. Now I got the money and I'm going to forget all about this shit.

Phil: Good luck to you, man. I hope it works out.

(They arrive back at Port Tudor)

Phil: Thanks, Niko. I can't think of anyone else I woulda preferred to have with me in a spot like that.

Niko: I just wish I hadn't been put in that position.

Phil: Keep safe and enjoy the money. Ciao.

Alternate dialogue

Phil: This is just a straightforward money pickup. Dimitri is gonna hand over the H on his end. Then we're gonna get a call saying we're good to go. They'll hand over the cash and we're out of there.

Niko: I don't think anything is straight forward. Especially when you've got a snake like Dimitri Rascalov working with you.

Phil: Something didn't look right about him. I don't know, there was something in his eyes.

Niko: If you thought that Ray was slippery, Dimitri is a different level. At least you knew what Ray was after from day one, Dimitri can turn on his best friend in a second.

Phil: So, why are you working with him again?

Niko: Sometimes it ain't worth sacrificing a paycheck for person differences. I'm after the money not revenge.

(The two go in the compound and Niko finishes his call with Dimitri)

Niko: Fucking Dimitri, that spineless shit. He's fucked us.

Phil: How?

Niko: He killed the guys instead of handing over the H. We should get out of here.

Phil: That motherfucking piece of shit. His own mother won't be able to recognize him when I'm done with him. You think these fucking scumbags are gonna let us leave after this? Fuck. They're gonna be coming after us so we may as well make a play for the money while we still got a jump on 'em. Follow me.

(Niko and Phil collect the cash)

Phil: At least we got the cash. That's the one thing we can bring away from this fucked up situation.

Niko: I learnt a lesson. I learnt that people don't change. IF they going to fuck you over once they'll fuck you again. Wish I realized that before.

Phil: Had you learnt that then you wouldn't be sitting pretty on a load of green right now, would you?

Niko: That's true Phil. It's never fucking easy, is it? You can't just walk in somewhere and get free money. You always have to work for it. You think you can get in this work for an easy buck but you end up in deep shit every time. I'm out. This was the last one. I'm taking my money and staying out of this shit.

Phil: I heard that song before. Maybe it'll work out for you, good luck.

Post mission phone calls


Niko: Well, cousin, we're rich.

Roman: You did that deal? You worked with Dimitri? That's great, Niko.

Niko: Yeah, maybe it would have been if he hadn't screwed me over and nearly got me killed.

Roman: But he didn't get you killed. You got the money and you survived. We will celebrate at the wedding reception. Cheer up, Niko.

Niko: Alright, Roman. Today is your and Mallorie's day. I will be happy for you both.


Pegorino: We're back on top, Niko. The Pegorinos is still somebody. Phil's bringing me my taste of the cash and Dimitri's still got hold of the horse. This is perfect.

Niko: I hope your partnership is a fruitful one. Good luck and goodbye.

Pegorino: You been a useful set of hands. Look after yourself.


Niko: Hey, Kate. I decided to work with that guy. I don't know if it was the right decision but I did it. He screwed me over again.

Kate: You see, Niko. You should have gone with your instinct not to trust him. I can't believe you could care about money that much.

Niko: Well, we do what we can to survive, Kate. Are you coming to Roman's wedding?

Kate: I don't think so, Niko. I don't want to be around you right now.

Failing the mission

Meeting broken up

Phil: What the fuck are you doing? These boys ain't gonna do business with us now.

Phil dies

Niko: Mr. Pegorino. Phil didn't make it. He's in a better place.

Pegorino: Shit, Phil. Anywhere'd be a better place than being in my shoes right now. If I don't got Phil, I don't got much. I'm screwed.

Buyer escapes

Phil: Shit. We were so close. We did all that shit for nothing. I'll see you around man.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Phil: After you, Niko.

Phil: Alright, let's get back to the club.

Phil: Alright, Niko. You go that way, I'll go this way. We'll close 'em in.

Niko: Come on, let me take the money or you will die.

Niko: Come on, Phil. Let's do this.

Niko: Dimitri can look after himself. See you later.

Niko: Dimitri would love it if we didn't come back at all.

Niko: Dimitri did not give us a choice about this.

Niko: Dimitri is a snake.

Phil: Eyes up, Niko.

Phil: Fuck, we gotta get him. I ain't going home empty handed from this. Dimitri would love that.

Phil: Hell, Niko. That just weren't professional. I gotta explain this to Jimmy.

Phil: He's crashed. Go get the money, Niko.

Phil: He's out of it. Let's finish this thing.

Phil: Hey, wait right here.

Niko: I came here for that money, I am leaving with it.

Niko: I guess he wanted it to be him and Pegorino.

Phil: I hate to think what's gone down on Dimitri's end. I'm calling Jimmy.

Phil: I should not have let you put me in the situation, Dimitri.

Niko: I will not let you stand in my way.

Niko: I'll do my best, we'll try and catch him.

Phil: I'm follow you.

Niko: I'm not leaving here without a payday. Phil.

Phil: Let's fucking disappoint him. We're coming back alive and with the money. Come on.

Phil: Let's get him.

Phil: Niko, wait here.

Phil: Niko, you go in front.

Niko: Okay, Phil. Come on.

Phil: Shit, they're up there.

Niko: The cash is what we're after, not your lives.

Niko: The whole operation isn't professional. He'll understand.

Phil: There ain't no try, we're getting him. Come on.

Phil: They're up there.

Niko: This is it, Phil. Let's get the cash.

Niko: We got to get that money, Phil.

Phil: We know you have that money here.

Phil: We need to catch this car, Niko. I been fucked around enough and I ain't walking away with nothing.

Phil: We're going back to the site, Niko.

Niko: Where is the cash? Give is to us.

Niko: Where is the money at?

Phil: Yo, that's the guy with the cash.

Phil: You didn't need to clip him, Niko. Shit.