Ilyena Faustin Random Encounter/Script

The following is a script of the encounter with Ilyena Faustin in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Ilyena: Niko - how are you?

Niko: Mrs. Faustin... it's nice to see you. I'm okay... you know... it's difficult.

Ilyena: Yes... very difficult.

Niko: I was sorry to hear about your husband.

Ilyena: Were you? Unlike that treacherous rat Dimitri.

Niko: He and I are not friends.

Ilyena: My husband was not perfect. Far from it, he was awful. A murdering, drug addicted bully. In many ways, the world is better off without him. But, now I am alone.

Niko: I'm sorry about that.

Ilyena: And my daughter grows up without a father. She's learning a bitter lesson very early.

Niko: Yes... it's bad.

Ilyena: And now the money is gone, the house got repossessed and we are living in a one room apartment. The land of opportunity? I'd rather be back in Russia. At least there people don't pretend life has any pleasure.

Niko: Do you need money?

Ilyena: I need more than that... I need someone to come and get a man to leave my daughter alone. I can see he is a slimeball - I think he is trying to turn her into a stripper, or even worse.

Niko: What guy?

Ilyena: Some slimeball, hangs out on Dillon Street in Schottler.

Niko: I can't do much for you... but I will get this slimeball to leave your daughter alone.

Ilyena: Niko, thank you, but please... no more killing...


(Niko confronts Anna's boyfriend)

Niko: Hey, slimeball.

Anna's Boyfriend: Why does every Russian in this city call me that? Whaddya want, shit face?

Niko: I want you to stay away from Anna Faustin... forever.

Anna's Boyfriend: Yeah? And I want a blowjob every morning for the rest of my life, but we don't all get what we want.

Niko: In this case, I am going to get what I want.

(The two fight)

Anna's Boyfriend: Crazy damn Russians.

Anna's Boyfriend: I'll fuck who I wanna fuck.

Anna's Boyfriend: Shit, you got a crush on that bitch or something?

Anna's Boyfriend: While I'm at it, I might hit that Russian bitch's mother too.

Anna's Boyfriend: That bitch is lucky to have me.

(If Niko beats her boyfriend up)

Anna's Boyfriend: Cooze ain't worth all this trouble, man. I'm gonna dump the bitch.


Anna's Boyfriend: Shit, I was getting bored of her anyway. I won't see Anna again.

Anna's Boyfriend: Alright already, I'll find another bit of cooze.

Anna's Boyfriend: Okay, okay... I'm persuaded. I won't see the bitch again.

Anna's Boyfriend: Shit, you're serious, I'll stay away from her.

Niko: You ever see Anna again, you're going to be breathing through a tube for the rest of your life. Slimeball!

Post mission phone calls

Anna's boyfriend alive

Niko: Hello?

Ilyena: Niko, it's Ilyena. My daughter is upstairs in tears.

Niko: I am sorry.

Ilyena: Do not be, the sleazeball has broken up with her. I owe you thanks. Anna is safe for now.

Niko: I know that things must be hard, but you are strong enough for the both of you.

Anna's boyfriend killed

Niko: Who is this?

Ilyena: Ilyena Faustin. I thought you were different, Niko. I said no killing, all of you are the same. Another man in my daughter's life has met a violent death now. Thank you for that.

Anna's boyfriend escapes

Niko: Yes?

Ilyena: It's Ilyena. Anna is leaving me. I have nothing now. She's moving in with that sleaze. She says I'm trying to come between them. I have nothing left. Nothing. Goodbye.