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Impotent Rage is an animated TV show appearing on the CNT network in Grand Theft Auto V. As "America's favorite liberal superhero", Impotent Rage is a satirical exaggeration of left-wing values, such as eating organic, recycling and supporting labor unions.


  • Impotent Rage/Braxton Hunter: The titular superhero. As billionaire Braxton Hunter, he is the head of the environmentally-conscious Braxton Industries. Impotent Rage is described as being a judgmental hypocrite and smug, while his civilian cover is described as being a rich, entitled playboy with too much time on his hands. While his appearance is based on the stereotypical superhero (Superman-equse costume, large chin, pompadour hair, etc.), his powers are more similar to Marvel Comic's Hulk, where he has superhuman strength when enraged, as demonstrated by demolishing a factory with his rage and his origin story is a parody of either Batman or Iron Man. Impotent Rage drives a compact electric hovercar called the Impotentmobile, which has a solar panel mode for high speed.
  • Uberman: Impotent Rage's right-wing arch-nemesis. Uberman is the exact opposite of Impotent Rage, eating meat from endangered animals and supporting environmentally-unfriendly practices. His supersuit is a parody of Iron Man.
  • Violet: Braxton Hunter's personal assistant. She has a crush on Braxton Hunter; however, he is completely oblivious to her advances.


  • He is a parody of Captain Planet, a superhero created in part by media billionaire Ted Turner that encouraged children to be environmentally friendly.
  • The term "impotent" means powerless or helpless; however, more akin to Rockstar's humor, the term also refers to erectile dysfunction (also known as impotency), where a male cannot achieve or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse.