Internet in GTA V

Like in the preceding game Grand Theft Auto IV, a fictional in-game Internet appears in Grand Theft Auto V. It has been expanded upon heavily, providing much more use to player than before. The Internet can be browsed via computers and the protagonists' phones. For a list of in-game websites, see Websites in GTA V.


The internet can be used to browse and purchase properties in-game, via Dynasty's 8's website, Property buying has been expanded upon heavily since its appearances in previous games, and is much more realistic. Properties dynamically go on and off the market, as they are bought and sold by other people. If the player wishes to go to a property they have found online, the website has a button that will set the GPS to guide the player towards the property.

The player can now invest in the stock market. The BAWSAQ stock exchange has its own website,, where the player can browse and purchase stocks. The stocks are dynamic and will increase and decrease, which affects the amount of money the player receives.


  • When pointing at a clickable link online, the computer cursor has its middle finger sticking up.
File:Grand Theft Auto V- Official Gameplay Video 20130710-11384893.jpg
  • In the Gameplay Video, there is a clock button (probably the history).