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Iwillsurviveitall.com is a website accessible in Grand Theft Auto V. The website is owned by Bill Binder and is the location of his Binder New World Wealth System pyramid-scheme cult. People viewing the website are encouraged to give the $10,000 fee to join for a sound financial future after the 'Financial Armageddon' that will take place in 2014, although Binder initially claimed it would occur in 2012. The website claims that only three places are left on the scheme and encourages those who join to get twenty others to join. He claims that joining will see the investor 'emerge from the storm surrounded by women on a 100-foot yacht and sail off into the setting sun while everyone else brains each other over the last few pieces of beef jerky'.

The website also tells the reader where the money is invested: in 'experimental medicine bonds, pandemic derivatives, Death pools, Saharan farmland income trusts, Central American lottery tickets, rare basketball memorabilia and complex prime bank instruments in clandestine unemerged markets' guaranteeing a high yield investment and returns as high as 35% per month. Once invested, the people can cash out at any time after the American economy crashes and they have recruited 20 people.

The player, as Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips, can pay the $10,000 joining fee and then see how their investment is doing in a number of different currencies. They cannot, however, get the money back.

Currencies listed

Requesting a refund

When requesting your money back from the website, the following message is displayed:

To protact and maximize the value of your portfolio, no withdrawals are permitted until after the economy has collapsed AND you have recruited 20 new participants to the scheme.

The more investments at the bottom, the bigger the returns for the top. That's economics! A pyramid - like the Egyptians. How do you think they built that my friend? And it's still here today, that's how I designed my plan.

See you on the other side!


Bill Binder.