Bill Binder

Bill Binder
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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Bill Binder


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Paleto Bay
Businesses Binder New World Wealth System
Occupation Cult leader
Voiced by Bill Buell

Bill Binder is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a random character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Bill Binder is the 'self-proclaimed financial genius, doomsday predictor, street preacher, and possible paranoid schizophrenic' founder of the Binder New World Wealth System cult. The cult is an online pyramid scheme 'designed to dupe people into investing in a scheme that claims to protect against the imminent collapse of the world economy'. Binder claims to have predicted 'the 80s, the internet bubble, social networking and the sexting craze years before anybody else' making a fortunte each time. The cult has only served to make him richer in particular after claiming that 'Financial Armageddon' would happen in 2012 and predicting it would happen in 2014 instead. Binder has a limited number of places on the scheme but encourages each new person to recruit twenty others, with every person paying $10,000. By investing, he states that the person will 'emerge from the storm surrounded by women on a 100-foot yacht and sail off into the setting sun while everyone else brains each other over the last few pieces of beef jerky'.

He invests the money that people give to him in 'experimental medicine bonds, pandemic derivatives, Death pools, Saharan farmland income trusts, Central American lottery tickets, rare basketball memorabilia and complex prime bank instruments in clandestine unemerged markets' guaranteeing a high yield investment and returns as high as 35% per month. Once invested, the people can cash out at any time after the American economy crashes. Binder claims that he is a very rich man with a harem of women (claiming that he is the only one he loves), a number weapons and his own water supply, most likely paid for by the money 'invested' by people.

He can be found outside of Willie's on Procopio Dr in Paleto Bay where he acts as a soapboxxer preaching about his scheme by attempting to scare passers-by about the governments economic plans. He states that the government had attempted to regulate him because they were scared, that there is a massive conspiracy from the global elite to screw the little man and that the United States is a nation of traitors, using the treatment of Native Americans as an example. He also claims that he is working on the street because he cares about people and wants to share information despite openly admitting to not liking sharing.

On his website, he urges people to bury Chinese Yuan and adds that 'one young boy in Arizona paid for his greed with his legs'. The player, as Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips, can also invest $10,000 into the scheme although the player can not then retrieve the money.


  • @BillBinder: The American economy is doomed! You've got two options - invest in the Binder New World Wealth System of learn Chinese fast.