Jeff Random Encounter 3/Script

The following is a script of the third encounter with Jeff in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Jeff: Aw, come on!

Niko: Excuse me. I didn't see... you...

Jeff: Hey! How you doing?

Niko: Good.

Jeff: Hey, you remember me? Yeah you do, huh? Yeah, you took those photos of my wife.

Niko: Yeah.

Jeff: My late wife.

Niko: Yes, I remember you.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah... I owe you. Jeff owes you Jeff and you, you know? Buddies. Pals. Yeah? We've been through some shit together. Didn't we?

Niko: I don't know about that...

Jeff: I swear I feel I can tell you things.

Niko: Please, don't.

Jeff: My, ya know, life hasn't always been kind. My mom, you know. She left my dad. And my dad, well...

Niko: Very fucking interesting.

Jeff: I need a fucking friend, man! My life is hell! Alright? Oh, I got married again. Yeah, yeah. That's right. She's a nice girl. Or so I thought.

Niko: Here we go.

Jeff: She's up there right now. She's having a drink with her ex. Yeah, she's touching his leg and she's getting all wet...

Niko: You've got to calm down.

Jeff: I need you to kill her.

Niko: What?

Jeff: I'll pay.

Niko: You're deranged.

Jeff: Well then screw you. Screw you. Screw you!

Niko: Calm down.

Jeff: Don't tell me to calm down!

Niko: Calm down, before I give you injury.

Jeff: Goddamn you! You're just like all the rest!

(Jeff walks away from Niko and gets hit by a car. The driver then exits the car and calls the police)

Driver: Hello. Is this the police? Look, I'm bloody sorry about this but I think I've run some poor chap over. He looks dead. Of course I'll hold.