Kendl Johnson

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Kendl Johnson
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Kendl Johnson


Gender Gender::Female
Place of Birth Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos
Nationality American
Home Johnson House in Ganton, Los Santos
Cesar Vialpando's House in El Corona, Los Santos
Angel Pine, Whetstone
San Fierro
Family Beverly Johnson (mother)
Sean "Sweet" Johnson (brother)
Carl Johnson (brother)
Brian Johnson (brother)
Cesar Vialpando (boyfriend/fiancée)
Main Affiliations Grove Street Families
Varrios Los Aztecas
Big Smoke
Wu Zi Mu
The Truth
Madd Dogg
Businesses Doherty Garage
Voiced by Yolanda Whittaker

Kendl Johnson is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (set in 1992). She is the daughter of Beverly Johnson, sister of Sweet, Carl and Brian and the fiancée of Cesar Vialpando. She is voiced by Yolanda Whittaker.

Character history

Life in Los Santos

Kendl Johnson was born to Beverly Johnson and an un-named father in the Johnson House on Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos. She was raised by her mother, and possibly her father, alongside her three brothers Sean (better known as Sweet), Carl and Brian, sometimes telling her mother of Carl and Brian's misbehavior. In 1987 tragedy struck the Johnson family as Brian passed away and, feeling guilty after being present at his death, Carl moved to Liberty City, dropping all contact with his family back in Los Santos. Kendl and Sweet, the leader of the Grove Street Families, began to grow further apart, which is later compounded when Kendl begins dating Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando.

She continued dating Cesar Vialpando into 1992, although her happiness once again is setback with the death of mother at the hands of three Ballas gangsters, who had attempting to assassinate Sweet. Kendl, outside the house, runs towards the front door but is held back by Sweet, who had witnessed his mother's death having been inside the house. She attends the funeral along with Sweet and his childhood friend Ryder. The three are later joined by Big Smoke and Carl, returning for his mother's funeral. She is initially glad to see Carl but quickly leaves to return to Cesar, arguing with her brother yet again.

Carl later walks into an argument between the two, again regarding Cesar, with Kendl criticizing her brother's lifestyle and for being racist, while Sweet claims that Kendl looks like a hooker. Kendl storms out of his house and goes to Unity Station to meet Cesar. Sweet tells Carl to follow her, so he can see what his problem is with Cesar. Carl follows, obtaining a low rider, and winning a low-rider challenge, which impresses Cesar. The two, with help from Kendl, agree to be 'cool, for now'. The two meet, again with Kendl, on their way to an illegal low-rider street race, which Carl also wins.

Life in exile

Kendl continues to live with Cesar until the arrest of brother, which also results in Smoke and Ryder assuming leadership roles in the Grove Street Families, allying them with the C.R.A.S.H., Ballas, Los Santos Vagos and the Russian Mafia. The new alliance takes control of the Varrios Los Azteca's territory, forcing Kendl and Cesar to flee to Angel Pine in Whetstone, where they briefly meet Carl. There she helps convince Cesar not to return to Los Santos, saying she did not want to lose him over some 'macho bullshit', and reveals her suspicions about Smoke to Carl, asking how he as a gangster could afford a new house.

Carl later phones Cesar to tell him to bring Kendl to San Fierro, where he was about to set up after winning the deeds to a garage. The garage, run down and out of business, is viewed by Carl as a disaster but by Kendl as an opportunity to build a business up from scratch. Carl, with help from The Truth, returns with two new mechanics, Dwaine and Jethro, and Kendl begins to run the business for her brother. During this time she complains to Carl and Cesar that workers on a building site next to the garage had been harassing her, leading to Carl killing the workers and locking the foreman into a portable toilet, which was pushed into a hole and covered with concrete in revenge.

Kendl is later shown to complain about the laziness of Carl, Cesar, Dwaine and Jethro, saying that this was to be their opportunity but realises that the four were awaiting news from Zero on how they were to steal a Uranus for the Wang Cars showroom. She, at some point not seen during the games storyline, meets Wu Zi Mu of the Triads, joining him at The Four Dragons Casino to judge auditions, along with Carl, for the casino's entertainment. There she also meets rapper Madd Dogg, who had been saved by Carl and who wanted help in reclaiming his mansion from Big Poppa, a Los Santos Vagos drug dealer. Kendl later phones Carl to say that she and Cesar were going to San Fierro to finish off some things with the garage.

Kendl, Carl, Sweet and Cesar Vialpando witnessing Frank Tenpenny's final moments, during End of the Line.

Return to Los Santos

Kendl and Cesar later visit Madd Dogg's mansion, which was successfully taken back, and sit with the recently paroled Sweet, Gurning Chimps lead singer Maccer and The Truth as the news covers the arrest and trial of Frank Tenpenny, the corrupt leader of C.R.A.S.H.. The group watch in horror as Tenpenny is found not guilty and riots ensue around the poorer neighborhoods of the city. Cesar, around this time, also asks Carl if Sweet would be okay about him proposing marriage to Kendl, although this question remains unanswered.

Kendl and Cesar, while Carl and Sweet were killing Smoke and Tenpenny and destroying Smoke's drugs manufacturing plant, go to the Johnson House. After Tenpenny crashes his fire truck off a bridge and into Grove Street, she and Cesar go to witness his final moments along with Carl, Sweet and The Truth, who had been chasing him. She and Cesar stay at the Johnson house and meets with Maccer, Kent Paul, Madd Dogg and Ken Rosenberg, suggesting that to celebrate they should go 'roll some dice with Woozie'.


Kendl is depicted as intelligent, and pragmatic, suggesting that she could be successful within the bounds of law, as her determination to turn Carl's garage from a run down building into a thriving business.She also possesses entrepreneurial talents, strong willpower, creativity, and a sense of leadership. She has little tolerance for whining or complaining, which causes CJ and others to regard her as a bit bossy.


  • Kendl only appears in cutscenes and not in actual missions, despite accompanying Cesar in the mission High Stakes, Low Rider. During the mission she is replaced by a street pedestrian.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas
Cut Mission