Body Harvest

Body Harvest
Frank Tenpenny introduces The Truth to Carl Johnson
Frank Tenpenny introduces The Truth to Carl Johnson

Frank Tenpenny introduces The Truth to Carl Johnson
Game GTA San Andreas
For The Truth
Target Combine Harvester
Location Angel Pine, Whetstone, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks King in Exile
Unlocked by First Date
One robbery mission

Body Harvest is the thirtieth storyline mission, the twenty-eighth central storyline mission and the third exile chapter mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by pot-growing hippie The Truth from the U Get Inn Motel in the town of Angel Pine in Whetstone, San Andreas.


Having recently received a phone call from a mysterious oldie named The Truth, Carl enters a motel room and finds a drugged Frank Tenpenny, the corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer who landed him in peril, not more than a few two days ago. He then introduces The Truth to Carl, and vice versa, saying that Carl will pay for the weed Tenpenny will require Carl to deliver. The Truth learns a little more about Carl, and says Carl gives off a positive feeling. Afterwards, he tells Carl that before he pays the weed, he must steal a combine harvester from a farm run by survivalists up in Flint County.

Carl heads for The Farm. When he arrives, he makes his way to the back of the farm, all while avoiding or killing the rifle and shovel-wielding survivalists. He arrives at the combine harvester's location and steals it. Again, the survivalists continue to shoot, and even pursue him, but he safely makes his way back to The Truth's farm in Leafy Hollow. The Truth thanks him for his actions, and says he'll call Carl when the weed is ready.

Meanwhile, brother-in-law-in-courtship Cesar Vialpando calls Carl. He informs Carl of the situation back in Los Santos. His gang, the Varrios Los Aztecas, has been seriously weakened, and he, probably along with Kendl, has a price on his head. Values mean no more to the people of Los Santos. However, both of them are still safe. Carl instructs Cesar to get out of town with Kendl and rent a trailer in Angel Pine, saying he'll meet them later.

Pre-mission Phone Call

CJ: Hello?

The Truth: Carl.

CJ: Who's this?

The Truth: You know me, this is The Truth.

CJ: No, I don't.

The Truth: Perfection! They said you were a moron.

CJ: Who?

The Truth: Okay, you can drop the act now, kid.

CJ: You the police?

The Truth: No, we have a mutual friend, and business partner.

CJ: We do? Who?

The Truth: Yes. Have you killed any cops lately?

CJ: Oh, man, Tenpenny, I should have known. That asshole!

The Truth: So I've got a room in a motel in Angel Pine - make sure nobody follows you.


(Carl knocks on the door of the motel as corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny is seen smoking a flask of hookah.)

CJ: Hello? Hello, somebody in there?

Tenpenny: In here.

CJ: (enters) Check this shit out. What do we have here?

Tenpenny: Yo, Carl! What up, kid?

CJ: Hey, what's happening? Oh, is this undercover training? Oh no, you must be off duty.

Tenpenny: Yeah, yeah, whatever, hush up man. Mr. Truth here is going to be supplying you with some of the finest... (coughs) weed, and you are going to deliver it for us.

CJ: Hey, man, you losing it, you hallucinating and shit.

Tenpenny: Whuh? Oh - Yo, Truth, come here, man.

(The Truth enters.)

The Truth: Welcome friend.

CJ: Wassup?

Tenpenny: Carl here is going to be paying you your money.

CJ: What you talking about?

Tenpenny: Now, Carl, I got a real do gooder fucking with me, and I want you to take this evil green poison, and drop it on him. It's going to ruin that asshole's career.

CJ: Oh bullshit.

The Truth: Dudes, you want mushrooms? Ludes? How about some DMT?

Tenpenny: No, not for me, man. I gotta jet. Oh, shit... I'm fucked up. Yo, Carl, pay the man.

(Tenpenny exits, leaving the two to decide between themselves.)

The Truth: Whoa man! I never thought I'd see that. A fed out-smoking me. What are you, dude? FBI? DEA?

CJ: No, I'm more like a private investigator.

The Truth: Friend, you give off a positive energy. How about some Vietnamese opium?

CJ: Nah, I don't get down with that.

The Truth: But how do I know I can trust you then?

CJ: What, I'm working for you now?

The Truth: I'm a man of peace but some squares across that ridge are not respecting my peace. I mean, survivalist maniacs - Right wingers, Fascists! They have a harvester and I need one. Get it, and then you can pay me. Namaste, Carl.

CJ: The fuck that mean? Later, freak.

(Carl arrives at The Farm, and starts to make his way at the back of the farm.)

Survivalist #1: You come to the wrong farm, boy.

Survivalist #2: Beat him down, it's all he's good for!

Survivalist #3: Hey, who is this guy?

Survivalist #4: Dunno but he looks kinda shifty!

Survivalist #5: Roll him in some pig shit!

(Carl approaches the combine harvester.)

Combine harvester driver: He's a combine rustler!! That son of a bitch is stealin' Betsy!

Survivalist #7: Stop that dang varmint!

(Carl arrives at The Truth's farm in Leafy Hollow.)

The Truth: Man, you've brought peace back to my valley, thank you, friend. I'll call you when the whoop-de-doo is ready, just make sure you get that cash.

(As his phone rings, Carl answers.)

CJ: Eh.

Cesar: Carl, it's Cesar.

CJ: Whassup?

Cesar: Bad stinking shit, that's wassup, holmes.

CJ: What's wrong, where's Kendl, is she OK?

Cesar: She's with me, she's OK for now. The Varrios Los Aztecas; it's all over. There's a price on my head, maybe Kendl's too.

CJ: What happened?

Cesar: Trust, respect, honor; they don't mean jack in Los Santos now. My OG's, my eses, all dead or in hiding, eh.

CJ: Get out of town. Head over to Angel Pine, rent you and Kendl a trailer and I'll meet you there.

Cesar: OK, I just got some shit to take care of and...

CJ: No! Just get my sister out of town and someplace safe! Don't shit with me on this one, I can't lose her, man!

Cesar: Sure thing, holmes. We'll see you in Angel Pine.


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The mission King in Exile is unlocked. The Rifle is unlocked for purchase at Ammu-Nation.


  • The name of the mission is likely a reference to the Nintendo 64 game Body Harvest, produced by Rockstar North when they were DMA Design. It is arguably Rockstar's first free roaming 3D adventure, setting the precedent for GTA III to follow.
  • The use of the Combine Harvester is also a reference to Body Harvest; a part in the game involves the use of a combine harvester to run over zombies.
  • The Combine Harvester is scripted to churn out hay when it is driving over The Farm's field. This is the only instance where a Combine Harvester can do so. Similarly, if you run over a pedestrian (most likely one of the survivalists), a shower of blood and body parts will be churned out instead.
  • Originally, Carl was required to pay The Truth $25000 for the weed, explaining why he needed to do robbery missions with Catalina.


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