Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force

The Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force with the show's logo in the background. From right to left: Zoey, Sebastian Kayden, Dirk, Tallulah and Quota.

Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force is a TV show appearing in Grand Theft Auto V on the Weazel network. The show is a parody of the Power Rangers and Super Sentai franchises. The Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force are a group of upper-middle class, heterosexual, and virginal teenage superheroes who fight for family values with extreme violence against the evils of homosexuality, premarital sex, and masturbation. The group's primary power is shooting energy blasts. Each member of the group wears a one-piece sleeveless uniform with a rainbow streak across the chest, and each member has elements unique to his or her uniform.


  • Sebastian Kayden: Lazer Force Blue and the group's leader. He is a parody of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant stereotype.
  • Quota: Lazer Force Green. He is an athletically fit, but nerdy African-American boy.
  • Zoey: Lazer Force Yellow. She is a tomboyish Chinese-American girl. She shows signs of being bisexual or a lesbian while observing cheerleaders at Wickenberg Canyon High.
  • Tallulah: Lazer Force Pink. She is a preppy valley girl who often twirls her hair between her fingers. She shows an attraction towards Sebastian Kayden whilst comforting him.
  • Dirk: Lazer Force Red. He is the oldest of the group at the age of 25; however, he has yet to graduate from high school. He is a parody of the dumb jock stereotype.
  • Mr. Hitzman: The group's science teacher and mentor. He is often seen stroking his teaching stick and harbors homosexual thoughts, despite the group fighting against homosexuality.
  • Louisa: One-time only appearance during Football StemCell Slaughter Showdown, where she is killed by Kayden.


  • Fox, Weazel's real-life counterpart, aired the Power Rangers series from its premiere in 1993 until 2002, when the franchise rights were sold to Disney.

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