Lance Vance's House

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Lance Vance's House
The exterior of Lance Vance's House at daytime in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Ocean Beach, Vice City
Use: Residential House of Lance Vance
Height: Unknown

Lance Vance's House, also refered to as Lance Vance's Apartment (although that statement is incorrect), is the house that Lance Vance lives in prior to the fall of Vice City drug baron Ricardo Diaz. It is located on Ocean Drive in Ocean Beach, Vice City. There is a helipad located right next to it on which a Hunter spawns on after collecting 100 hidden packages and completing the final storyline mission, Keep Your Friends Close.... It neighbours the Ocean Bay Marina and is a short walk away from the Ocean Beach Fountain, Maison Wenifall hotel and the Ocean Heights Apartment.



In Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories, prior to the completion of the mission From Zero to Hero, Lance Vance purchases this house for himself and a fancy apartment for Victor Vance, knowing that they were going to become rich from stealing Jerry Martinez's cocaine, putting himself in slight debt due to this action. [1] It has two garages. Lances's unique white Infernus as well as an Angel (after completion of the mission Taking the Fall) are parked inside one of the garages although Lance's Infernus gets destroyed by a rocket fired by a rocket launcher from a Mendez Cartel member in the mission Light My Pyre.[2] The two garages of Lance Vance's House are big enough to store two Barracks OLs, as shown in the mission From Zero to Hero.[3] Prior to the mission, Lance resided in his suite in the 1412 Hotel.

Lance Vance uses his house as his residence and base of operations. The house is also used by Lance Vance to store his cocaine although at one point the Vances' mother steals their cocaine and at another point, Lance, in a fit of rage, foolishly attempts to throw away his cocaine, forcing Victor, using a hovercraft, to retrieve the drugs. The player activates missions for Lance Vance at his house. At one point, the DEA bugs Lance's house, forcing Victor to destroy police recieving antennas.


In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Lance Vance's House has no great importance, but after collecting 100 Hidden Packages and completing the mission Keep Your Friends Close..., a Hunter spawns on the helipad. A Hidden Package can be found next to the entrance of the house. The house hasn't changed much in the two years that have passed. It is implied that Lance still lived in the house but stopped living in it after the fall of Ricardo Diaz. After the fall of Ricardo Diaz, Lance is presumed to live in the Vercetti Estate.[4]



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    Mendez Goon: Armando has got two things to say: 1 'Get out of Vice now and the girl lives.' 2....
    (The Mendez goon destroys Lance's car with a rocket launcher)
    Lance Vance: MY CAR!
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