Ocean Bay Marina

Ocean Bay Marina is not to be confused with Bayside Marina in GTA San Andreas.
Piers of the Ocean Bay Marina in GTA Vice City, as viewed to the northeast, with Cortez' Yacht in view.

The Ocean Bay Marina is a marina featured in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories renditions of Vice City.


Configuration the marina's piers in GTA Vice City Stories.

Ocean Bay Marina is a two-pier marina located on the western shoreline of Ocean Beach (despite the marina actually being located in east Viceport) and fronting the city's bay and open seas; the marina's two piers are labeled Pier 1 (to the north) and Pier 2 (to the south). In addition to basic harbor facilities, the area boasts a massive marina building which contains an underground carpark where random vehicles will spawn.

The marina can be access from either the south side, which has ample space for larger vehicles to enter into the compound, or the north side, which is directly west from the Marina Sands Hotel and features two narrower, curved walkways, one of which is too windy for vehicles to pass without damage. The northern entrances also feature two headstones standing out with a picture of an anchor on it, although they appear blank in GTA Vice City Stories. Wooden slanted boards are also found in the waters near the piers and on the pier, both of which can be used at ramps for stunting.

For GTA Vice City Stories, the area receives several cosmetic changes, appearing more undeveloped circa 1984, as its underground car park is only partially completed, and its piers, while being just as extensive as in GTA Vice City, are partially constructed of wood; only two ramps for jumps are available on the piers.

The marina seemingly draws elements from the Dinner Key marina, a re-purposed Naval Air Station and Pan American World Airways airport in Coconut Grove, Miami. While completely dissimilar in other respects, the marina building itself sports architectural detailing taken from the former Pan Am Eastern International Terminal [1] (now a Miami city hall). The canopied pier entrances are also near-exact replicas of those found at the marina circa the early 2000s, down to the font used on the signage (For comparison, Driv3r's rendition of Miami also replicates the pier entrances).

Prominent appearances in missions

In GTA Vice City, the marina is integral to missions where Tommy Vercetti meets Juan Cortez, a retired colonel who resides on his lavish private yacht docked at the marina; these include The Party, during which Cortez invites members of Vice City's elites to a gathering aboard his yacht, as well as during missions given to the player by Cortez himself.

In GTA Vice City Stories, however, the marina's role in its storyline is downgraded, being featured only during a mission where Victor Vance must obtain fake photographs of Jerry Martinez with a DEA agent.


GTA Vice City
  • Rio: Docked at the base of Pier 1.
  • PCJ-600: Parked directly south from the entrance to Pier 1.
  • Reefer: Docked at the base of Pier 2.
  • Speeder or Marquis: Docked at the first northern pier adjacent to the base of Pier 2. The game will either spawn a Speeder on the western side of the pier, or a Marquis on the eastern side.
  • Colonel Cortez' yacht: Docked at the second northern pier adjacent to the base of Pier 2, until "All Hands on Deck!".
  • Cheetah: Parked in front of the entrance to Pier 2.
GTA Vice City Stories
  • Jetmax
  • Jetski: At the base of Pier 1.
  • Marquis: At the dock directly behind the Squalo.
  • PCJ-600: Parked at Pier 1.
  • Tropic: At the dock adjacent to the Squalo.
  • Stinger: Parked at Pier 2.
  • Squalo: At the end of the dock running west from Pier 2.


GTA Vice City
  • Health: In the curved walkway.
  • Pistol: On an end of the porch of the main building around the back.
GTA Vice City Stories
  • Health: On top of the porch in front of the main door around the backside of the building.
  • Body Armor:In front of a wall in the underground carpark.


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