Late Checkout/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Late Checkout" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Ray: You, listen to me Issac - listen, dick. It is not my fault you got robbed. Not my fault! I had nothing to do with it. Nothing! You understan- I'm on a cell phone, you jerk. Ohh, you wanna have me killed? Oh yeah? Screw you! I'm done with you. You understand? I'm finished. No, no, you know what? I ain't even started yet, you thieving fuck! I'm in shit because of you, you piece of... Hello? Hello? Ahh!

(Isaac hangs up on Ray who throws his phone at an employee)

Ray: Go ahead. Open your mouth, asshole. Push your fucking luck.

Niko: Ray.

Ray: What the fuck do you want?

Niko: You told me to come.

Ray: Well sorry. Having a bad fucking day.

Niko: Oh, I'm sorry.

Ray: Me too. Fuck it. Fuck it. That curly haired leech is going to talk. Go shut that stooge up!

Niko: Shut who up?

Ray: Isaac! The diamond dealer. He's blaming me for everything - everything! Even the shit we didn't do. Now I've got no money... no diamonds and this dick's threatening to have me killed. Blaming me 'cause he got robbed.

Niko: Okay, so...

Ray: He's holed up at the Majestic, with a couple of his cronies. Go shut those fuckers up!

Niko: No problem.

Ray: Hey. Can I get a coffee, please?

(Niko arrives at the Majestic and uses the elevator to get to the top where Mobsters are guarding Isaac.)

Mobster: Hey this is private. Sorry mister.

Mobster: This area is off limits, buddy.

Mobster: Sorry, mister. This floor is closed.

Mobster: You're not welcome here, get outta here.

Mobster: Sorry, we can't have you coming through here.

(Niko walks closer to the Mobster)

Mobster': I'm getting sick of looking at you, clear off, mister.

Mobster: Okay, you're really going to have to get out of here now.

Mobster: Mister. Closed means get the fuck out of here.

Mobster: I don't wanna have to call security. Get lost, mister.

Mobster: This is called loitering with intent. Get lost.

(The Mobsters begin to attack Niko for wandering too far)

Mobster: We got a problem here, somebody's breaking in.

Mobster: We got a live one here.

Mobster: Security breach. Take down the intruder.

Mobster: Somebody's breaking into the suite.

Mobster: We have an intruder.

(Niko runs into a mobster while searching for Isaac)

Mobster: You ready for this?


Mobster: Are you sure you wanna do this, huh?

Mobster: I'm gonna have to fuckin' hurt you.

(Niko finds the first dealer who pleased for his life)

Dealer: Show mercy. Is that not what your life has taught you? Let me leave here alive.

Dealer: Don't you kill me you bastard. Don't you dare.

Dealer: This was Isaac's deal he should pay for the screw up. Not I.

Dealer: You shmuck, you harbinger of death, don't you kill me.

Dealer: Kill the others - spare me. Let an old man live out his last years.

Dealer: Isaac's life is enough. Take that and the debt should be paid. You don't need me too.

Dealer: I told Isaac not to trouble you crazy scumbags. He wouldn't listen. Always the same.

Dealer: I have seen your face. I know what it is to look evil in the eye. Let me live!

(Niko then finds Isaac in his room and a woman rushes out)

Isaac: Save yourself. Run.


Isaac: Get out of here, you stupid bitch.

(Isaac begins to plead for his life)

Isaac: You pieces of shit, first you kill Mori and now.

Isaac: This was all Mori's doing, he wanted those diamonds so bad.

Isaac: I'm screwed.

Isaac: How do you murdering scum sleep at night?

Isaac: Veh is mir! Those diamonds were fucking beautiful.

Isaac: We should have never done business with you scum.

Isaac: This is a matter of principle, I will not be done over by a bunch of nebishes.

Isaac: I wasn't going to let you take the diamonds and the money and get away with it.

(If Niko executes Isaac)

Niko: Threatening to kill people is not a good idea, Isaac.


Niko: You didn't want to get killed, you shouldn't have done business with gangsters.

Niko: Stolen diamonds is an unpleasant business, friend.

Post mission phone call

Niko: I shut Isaac up for you. I feel like all I been doing is shutting people up ever since this diamond things started.

Ray: Well, we ain't got the diamonds and we don't know where they are. Johnny, that biker scumbag, has disappeared with the money. And every other mouth that came close to those diamonds is closed for good. Except for yours, that is. You gotta be grateful for that.

Niko: Screw you, Ray. I ain't your clean up guy no more. You get that?

Ray: Alright, Nicky, alright. Don't go forgetting about respect or nothing. You're still just another straight off the boat punk. This city can get real scary if you don't got friends. You remember that.

Post mission text message

Nicky, I need you to meet me and Phil at a depot in Normandy. Ciao

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Jewish Mobster: Boychick - you did the right thing.

Worker: I'm going out for a smoke. If the penthouse calls down again, tell them I'm on a break.

Jewish Mobster: Isaac will understand. This is business.

Niko: I've done this work for you, you said you'd find someone for me.

Niko: That was the deal. I'm not your clean up guy any more.

Jewish Mobster: You showed mercy. I thank you for this.