Liquidity Risk/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Liquidity Risk", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin drives up to the entrance to Los Santos International Airport's runway area)

Dom Beasley: Jab, jab, right hook. Here we go.

(Dom spots Franklin)

Dom Beasley: Hey, there he is. Mr. Conservative.

Franklin Clinton: Man, what the fuck are we doing here?

Dom Beasley: Nothin'! Okay, a little somethin' that's gonna help me get some tail from those mid-western ladies that I get to meet online. Let's pretend for a second that you're not so much of a pussy, and "Vamos!" As my cleaning lady would say. Uh... just to be clear, I-I'm not racist, I-I meant that ironically, I, uh, I have a black friend, and a, I didn't even really notice that you were black, uh... or whatever your people call it...

Franklin Clinton: Man, get the fuck out of here!

Dom Beasley: Alright, let's go!

(Franklin and Dom get on the Blazer's Dom has waiting for them and drive into the airports runway area)

Dom Beasley: Let's roll.

Franklin Clinton: Let's roll where?

Dom Beasley: Catch you on the flip side, buddy! Yo! You see that? Half the airport's on the Dominator's payroll today. Better bond fast with that beauty, 'cause you two are going tandem!

Franklin Clinton: I didn't bring my idiot translator. What the fuck are you talking about?

Dom Beasley: You're driving that hunk of metal and gasoline out of a cargo plane.

Franklin Clinton: I'm doing fucking what??!

Dom Beasley: We're spirit brothers, homie. Two sides, one coin. You can't bail on me now.

Franklin Clinton: Man, I must be crazier than you are.

(The cargo plane takes off)

Dom Beasley: Yeah, we got liftoff. As soon as we hit a suitably stupid altitude we'll kamikaze this shit into next week. Am I right? Come on, high five!

Franklin Clinton: Hell nah man, shit. I don't want you to be the last person I touch.

Dom Beasley: Hey, yeah, okay, air five then. Parachute - check. ATV - check. Big pair of balls, uh, uh - check. Okay, this is happening.

(The game will then skip to the cargo plane being at the 'suitably stupid' altitude)

Dom Beasley: Come on! Let's fucking do this! Mangle these badboys.

(Franklin and Dom drive the Blazer's out of the cargo plane)

Dom Beasley: Yeah! Let's do some barrel rolls, man!

Franklin Clinton: Oh, shit!

Dom Beasley: Is this not the biggest hard on ever!? Whoo! Ride that bronco, baby! Manta ray power roll! Half pike with leaping frog!

(Franklin and Dom then land at the landing zone)

Dom Beasley: You feel that? Lightning bolt! Zap! You're alive! You know how it feels! Agh.

Franklin Clinton: Man, I know how it feels to ride an ATV out of a damn airplane. Man, how much that shit cost you per second?

Dom Beasley: It's relative, bro. How long did it take me to earn the bills? Listen, you go out walking amongst the drones... I'll be on top of the Maze Bank Building with the higher beings. Dominator out!