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The following is a script of the mission "Liquidize the Assets" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


U.L. Paper: It's all about problems and solutions, you know that...

Gravelli: Ah, Niko! Of course, you guys already know each other...

U.L. Paper: Niko. Good to see you.

Niko: Interesting friendships you both keep.

Gravelli: Yeah... very interesting. The mayor will be here in a minute, and I have two senators dropping by later. Everyone wants to pay homage to a dying legend, everyone wants the glamor of a bygone age...

U.L. Paper: Everyone. Now did you hear what I said?

Gravelli: Yeah, I heard what you said. Niko, our friend here is telling me that the Ancelottis are in league with the Russians. Ancelottis! I know these guys seventy-three years. In 1972, I should have killed his uncle... but I spared him, and this is how he repays me? Unbelievable! And now he's dealing drugs with Ivan the Goddamn terrible...

U.L. Paper: So what we're saying is this is a matter of security. National. Normally, I don't care about cocaine, keeps controllable people in power, but this is no good.

Niko: Alright, what's my role in this?

U.L. Paper: The distribution network is a fleet of vans parked at a grocery warehouse in Alderney City. The product is packed into the frames of the vans, ready to be moved all over the country. Destroy everything. Whatever it takes.

Niko: And for me?

U.L. Paper: For you? I've got a real gift for you. Get this done. Then we'll talk.

(If Niko gets behind a van, the Russians will abstain from shooting)

Russian: No shoot until he out from behind the van.

Russian: You will hit van if you shoot. Hold back.

Russian: He behind a van, no shoot.

(Niko destroys a van)

Russian: You know how much that was worth?

Russian: It's gonna be our heads on the chopping block for this.

Russian: We in big trouble if he get other van.

Russian: That was worth a lot of monies.

Russian: Escape with some of this coke.

Russian: That's one pay day gone up in smoke.

Russian: Damn, we lost the van.

Russian: This some fucking vigilante shit?

Russian: This is no good at all.

Russian: He blow up the van, shit.

(A Russian begins warning the others)

Russian: He's after the vans.

Russian: Look after the product.

Russian: We don't want to lose the cocaine.

Russian: Shit, he's trying to destroy the stuff.

Russian: Make sure we don't lose the product.

Russian: Protect the stuff.

Russian: He's shooting up the coke, man.

Russian: Get him away from the stuff, people.

Russian: Protect the vans.

(A Russian tells others to get vans out of the area)

Russian: Take the vans away from here.

Russian: Get the vans out of here.

Russian: Fuck, get some coke out of here before all is lost.

Russian: Don't let him destroy all the charlie, get the vans out. Now!

Russian: Get out of here with this coke.

(Niko destroys all the vans)

Russian: Make this bastard pay for what he's done.


Russian: This boy's just cost us a lot of money.

Post mission phone call

Niko: I have put your competitors out of business.

Gravelli: You've given a dying man a few minutes of happiness, Niko. I'm pleased to be helping you out with this thing you need. We'll speak again when Darko Brevic is in the country.

Failing the mission

A van escapes

Niko: I'm afraid some of that chop is going to make it to the noses of yuppies in Middle America, Mr. Gravelli.

Gravelli: They slipped through your fingers, did they? Fucking Ancelotti is gonna see that as a victory. I better not fucking die with him thinking he's got the upper hand. Goodbye.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Russian: All coke is lost. Get this fucker.

Russian: We lost everything. Make him pay.