Russian Mafia

Russian Mafia
Mikhail Faustin, one of the powerful Russian Mafia bosses in Liberty City.
Games: GTA 2
GTA San Andreas
Locations: GTA 2
Lubyanka Docks, Industrial District, Anywhere City
Hove Beach, Broker
Firefly Island, Broker (? - 2008)
Beachgate, Broker (? - 2008) Liberty City
Leaders: GTA 2
Konstantin Petrovic; Mikhail Faustin; Dimitri Rascalov; Ray Bulgarin
Type: Russian crime syndicate
Enemies: GTA 2
The Zaibatsu Corporation; Hare Krishna
GTA San Andreas
Grove Street Families; Carl Johnson
Niko Bellic; The Lost Brotherhood; Italian Mafia; Irish Mob; Hillside Posse
Affiliations: GTA 2
Claude Speed
GTA San Andreas
Ballas; Los Santos Vagos; San Fierro Rifa
Niko Bellic
Colors: GTA 2
Vehicles: GTA 2
GTA San Andreas
Sentinel; Admiral; Feltzer
Schafter; Rebla; Super GT; Turismo; Banshee; Uranus; Ingot
Weapons: GTA San Andreas
Pistol; Micro Uzi; MP5; Pump Action Shotgun
Knife; Pistol; MP5; Micro Uzi; AK-47; Shotgun; Sniper Rifle; Rocket Launcher
Businesses: GTA 2
Drug dealing
GTA San Andreas
Weapons trade
Weapons Trade; Human Trafficking; Murder; Extortion; Alcohol; Drugs
Fronts: GTA 2
GTA San Andreas
Comrades Bar; Perestroika; Broker warehouses
Members: GTA 2
Ivan; Uncle Vanka; Bilovski; Ziggy Pole; Lodov; Shagski; Sandra Tito; Chesti-Kov]
Faustin's Family
Mikhail Faustin (Deceased)
Vlad Glebov (Deceased)
Ivan Bytchkov (Can be killed in Ivan the Not So Terrible)
Andrei (Deceased)
Rascalov's Family
Dimitri Rascalov (Deceased)
Sergei (Can be Killed in A Revenger's Tragedy)
Roman's Kidnapper (Deceased)
Petrovic's Family
Kenny Petrovic
Lenny Petrovic (Deceased)
Georgi (Deceased)
Sergey (Deceased)
Bulgarin's Family
Ray Bulgarin (Deceased)
Timur (Deceased)

The Russian Mafia are a crime syndicate that appear in Grand Theft Auto 2, again briefly in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and play a major role in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Russian Mafia, in GTA 2, are led by Jerkov and are experts in contract killings and gun running. They are located in the Industrial District and are in a rivalry with the Hare Krishna and in an intense rivalry with The Zaibatsu Corporation. Jerkov hires Claude Speed to kill Zaibatsu gang members, save Jerkov from assassins and killing other Russian drug dealers, amongst other things. Their favorite radio station is KGBH, a pun on the Soviet KGB. Other members include Ivan, Uncle Vanka, Bilovski, Ziggy Pole, Lodov, Shagski, Sandra Tito and Chesti-Kov.

GTA San Andreas

The Russian Mafia only appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a short time. They wear black t-shirts or grey sweaters, or matching jackets and trousers. Though they have no permanent stake in the state, they have claimed the Atrium as a temporary turf in the mission Just Business, and also appear in league with the Ballas, Los Santos Vagos and San Fierro Rifa in Big Smoke's "Crack Palace". Their influence is obviously felt considerably more overseas, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russian mobsters flooded into America. It's possible to replicate Russian Mafia members if the player uses the territory glitch.


The Russian Mafia runs the south and west part of Broker, Liberty City. Members can be seen all over Hove Beach, Firefly Island and Beachgate in large numbers, the majority of them appear to wear Russian caps. They may wear any of a variety of clothes, including suits, Russian fur hats, leather gloves, camo trousers, black/diamond-knit turtlenecks and green/brown suit jackets. Some have tattoos on their hands -- some have a Soviet Russia hammer and sickle on the back of the hand, some have a cross on the palm, and there are two other as-yet unidentified tattoos. There are three known Russian mafia families in the GTA IV Era; one is led by Mikhail Faustin and later Dimitri Rascalov, one led by Kenny Petrovic, and one led by Ray Bulgarin. The gang's known enemy is Niko Bellic. Unidentified Russians in fur hats and sunglasses will shoot at Niko in the Russian Shop should you open fire at the clerk; considering the store's nature and location, these are likely to be Russian Mafia members fulfilling their part of a protection racket. Russian's weapons range from Pistol's, Micro Uzi's, a Combat Shotgun, or AK-47's. The Russians are very loyal to each other. If Niko fires at one Russian, then other Russians within Niko's area will shoot at him.

Gangs and families


  • The Russian Mafia seems to be the most well-armed gang in Liberty City, having used nearly all weapons (except grenades).


  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there is a way to gain more gang territory throughout the state of San Andreas. To exploit the glitch, fly a plane into the southwest or southeast corners of the map, and continue onwards in the respective direction; continue this for a long period (30 real-world minutes is suggested), then either fly back (which will take a long time), or drown oneself after the 30-minute mark. After returning or awaking at a hospital, a glitch will have occurred, and there will be gang territories visible all over San Andreas. The Russian Mafia can now be encountered in Las Venturas, usually wielding Pistols and Desert Eagles, and driving Feltzers, Sentinels, or Admirals.