Luck of the Irish/Script

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Elizabeta: So I said if that's the way you want it amigo, then that's what you're gonna get. And that shut him up.

Patrick: Fucking punk.

Jorge: Oh. Hey. Como esta?

Mallorie: Hey, how's it going?

Jorge: Oh wait, espera.

Mallorie: Jorge, He's with me. Liz, this is Niko, Roman's cousin, and Niko, this is Elizabeta. She's an old friend. She'll give you some work.

Elizabeta: Okay... thank you, Mal. SO tough guy, you know about this business?

Niko: I know about protection. What do you need?

Elizabeta: I need someone no one knows to oversee a deal I'm not sure about.

Niko: Easy.

Elizabeta: I think it'll be a bit more taxing than hanging with Manny on "the streets".

Niko: Not so. For one, I won't have to listen to him talk.

Elizabeta: True! Hey Niko, this is Patrick - Packie McReary.

Patrick: Alright.

Niko: Hey.

Elizabeta: So... Packie is shopping. But I've never trusted the people he's buying off, and I can't, in good consciousness, help him... unless he's got some extra insurance - you.

Patrick: And that's why you're the best, darling.

Elizabeta: Ah. Maybe...

Patrick: Alright, tough guy, let's do this.

Niko: Sure.

Mallorie: See you later, Niko.

Niko: Goodbye.

Mallorie: And will you call Michelle again? She really likes you.

Niko: Yeah, yeah.

Jorge: Buena suerte.

Elizabeta: So, he seems okay.

Mallorie: Oh, he's totally cool. Yeah, he's like family.

(Niko and Patrick walk outside)

Niko: Where we going?

Patrick: I got this meeting over on Joilet Street. There's a rifle up on the roof of the place next door. You need to go up there and make sure nothing goes wrong. You'll see me and my boys show up in a bit. You're my guardian angel.

Niko: You don't trust these guys you're doing the deal with, how come you trust me?

Patrick: You got a good look about you and I'm lucky with my gut feelings.

Post mission phone call

Niko: Those dealers double crossed your boy, but I managed to keep him alive.

Elizabeta: Mallorie was right about you. You are good. I have some more work for you. I'm sure Packie is pleased as well, ah?

Failing the mission

Niko interrupts the deal

Elizabeta: What you doing? I get a call from these dealers saying someone shooting at 'em. You didn't give them the chance to do the deal.

Niko: Sorry, I just didn't want them trying nothing with your boy. I'll come see you.

Patrick is injured

Niko: I am sorry but your friend Patrick's luck ran out.

Elizabeta: Putana. How I going to explain this to his hermano? I wish you had learned to shoot.

An attacker escapes

Patrick: Niko, It's Packie. What the hell went wrong back there? You let the bastard get away, Niko.

Niko: Maybe I was too busy saving your ass to clean up your mess? Sue me.