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Current version:1.1
Developed by:Martin Turski (The_GTA), Dmitry K (DK22Pac)
Supported games:GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA, Manhunt, Sonic Heroes, Persona 3/4
Type:Texture Dictionary editor

Magic.TXD is an open-source RenderWare Texture Dictionary (TXD) editor written by DK22Pac and The_GTA for Microsoft Windows. It aims to support every RW TXD format and comes with many unprecedented features to make TXD editing simple.


  • PC, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, Android, iOS TXD support
  • supports all RenderWare GTA titles
  • live preview of TXD contents
  • Windows shell extension for thumbnails and context menu
  • importing, exporting, resizing, encoding and decoding
  • uses Qt framework for modern GUI
  • TXD builder, converter and exporter
  • Image formats: PNG, BMP, DDS, PVR, JPEG, TIFF, TGA
  • mipmap generation (+ black-roads-fix)
  • translated into many languages


Plugin Support

There is support for Direct3D 9 color storage format extensions. Dynamic link libraries are loaded which define how Magic.TXD should treat D3DFORMAT types that it has no native support for. By default, Magic.TXD ships with D3DFMT_V8U8 and D3DFMT_A8 plugins.



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