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These are some wishes for GTA 5 contributed by our users:

  • Adding some level of grappling would be an interesting addition to gameplay, allowing for stealth takedowns, using people as a human shield (pretty self-explanatory) or simply as an addition to , allowing for throws, dirty fighting and, if using a weapon, executions. User:Sawbones
  • I think that GTA 5 should definately include the cockpit camera (where the camera is inside the vehicle) because it would be seriously cool. User:GTA NaTh 19
  • It would be nice if boats and helicopters had designated saving spots, like tying a boat to a dock that the player character owns or landing a helicopter on a helipad owned by the player character. User:EEA
  • The game should feature better a hand to hand fighting system where when you hit someone you like break there nose or when you shoot someone in the head the bullet hole is there with blood trickling down his/her face. Make it more realistic. User:HarveyH92
  • I think that their should be more destruction! If you crash into a building that your car will go part way into it and bricks will be left! Then after a few days of gameplay it auto fixes itself. Cars shouldn't explode so easy! User:Doneyes

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