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This is the script from the mission Mall Shootout given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Juan Cortez from his yacht docked in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


(Cortez' yacht, Tommy Vercetti and Colonel Cortez)

Juan Cortez: Tommy! Come, join me. This looks delicious, huh? Tapir snout?

Tommy Vercetti: Uhhh... no, no. No, thanks.

Juan Cortez: Tommy, you are like a pampas breeze that has freed me from the stench of corruption, although, I must appear to mourn his passing and carry on with business as usual.

Tommy Vercetti: This isn't getting me any closer to my money...

Juan Cortez: Tommy, my friend, you are not in Liberty now. Here we do things differently. I will continue with my enquiries but in the meantime I have a valuable deal to close.

Tommy Vercetti: A favor for a friend, Cortez?

Juan Cortez: You're a good friend, Tommy. I knew you would not let me down. I need you to meet a courier who has obtained some valuable technology for me...

(Washington Mall, Tommy, Pierre La Ponce, and the French SWAT)

Pierre La Ponce: Ze rain, she is très wet zis time of the year...

Tommy Vercetti: What?

Pierre La Ponce: Ah, comment?

Tommy Vercetti: Look, Cortez sent me. Just give me the damn chips.

Pierre La Ponce: Oh...d'accord.

GIGN Commander: Freeze, imperialist American pig! Zat iz propertay of ze gouvernment Français. 'and eet over!

Pierre La Ponce: You American idiot! Zey followed you here!

GIGN Commander: Shoot Him!

(While chasing Pierre La Ponce)

Pierre La Ponce: Au revoir, you... you crétin.

Pierre La Ponce: Hah! You eat my dirt!