Marnie Allen Random Encounter 2/Script

The following is a script of the second encounter with Marnie Allen in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Marnie: Hey, Niko.

Niko: Hey.

Marnie: Niko, it's Marnie!

Niko: Hey! How are you? Are you off the heroin?

Marnie: Mostly...

Niko: Right... okay.

Marnie: It is okay... fucking dick!

Niko: Calm down! I'll see you later.

Marnie: Fuck you!

Niko: What's wrong?

Marnie: I can't do it any more... I can't do it! I've really fucked up this time. I screwed over a john, I'm gonna get killed! And I'm not really like this...

Niko: No? What kind of heroin addicted prostitute are you like?

Marnie: I've got a nice family... I'm just fucked up. I've got to go home. Can you take me to the station? I've got a mom and a dad... and they're not so bad. I've got to go home.

Niko: Where's home?

Marnie: The Midwest... I mean it's pretty boring... but this is no life. I mean, look at me. I was a fucking cheerleader once!

Niko: Hey, come on, let's go.


Marnie: I gotta get to Grand Easton Terminal.

Niko: This is a good move. How long you been living on the streets?

Marnie: Ever since I got to this city. On my way here I actually thought it was gonna be different. Thought that in Liberty City everybody was a somebody. Maybe some big produce was going to discover me on the street.

Niko: Didn't go like that, did it?

Marnie: Well, some producer discovered me but I didn't exactly end up in a Vinewood movie. I ended up with a two bag a day habit and videos of me doing shit I hadn't even heard of on the internet.

Niko: Motherfucker.

Marnie: They pick us up when we get off the bus. Girls and guys. Wish I'd known that before I got here.

Niko: I wish you had too.

(Niko takes Marnie to Grand Easton Terminal)

Marnie: Here we are, Niko. Thanks a bunch.

Niko: Have some cash Marnie. Look after yourself.

Marnie: I'll try Niko. Thanks. I was right - you are sweet.

Alternate dialogue

Niko: So, you going home to settle down?

Marnie: I wanna go back to school. I was alright at school before I left. Maybe I can last a bit longer this time around. I need to get clean first though.

Niko: Cold turkey?

Marnie: The sweats and the shakes is gonna be real fun. Need to get off this shit. Need to be strong.

Niko: You're a strong girl. You can do it.

Marnie: When I first got here I thought that back home was so boring. I thought that real life was in the city. Now, I never wanna see this place again.