Natural Burn Killer/Walkthrough

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After meeting with Uncle Kenny, he tells you his problem. Some shopkeeper has been complaining about "not enough protection" and Kenny wants to show that his protection is enough. He tells Huang to destroy some cars at the Spanish Lords car lot and torch down a shop. But first, he tells Huang to get some Molotov Cocktails.

It's easy to get them. Drive down to the nearest RON petrol station to make them. Then, select how much petrol you want. If you're rather clumsy, buy a full tank. And this time, your purcase is free but in the future they will cost. Then, drag the fuel pump into the bottles and insert a rag to make one. Continue that until you run out of fuel(you possibly end up with 10-13, but that's enough)

Once you got them, head over to the Spanish Lords Car Lot first. Jump over the closed gate and set the cars on fire! Then, burn down the store nearby. The more you throw, the faster it'll burn down. If you run out, you can pick up a few nearby. Be careful as two firetrucks will try to put the fire out. Pull out the driver, and drive it away. Once the store's torched into flames, the mission is complete.