Palomino Freeway

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The Palomino Freeway is one of the two major highways, the other being the Los Santos Freeway connecting Los Santos with the Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County and surrounding forest-lands. Route 15 takes the Palomino Freeway designation. It starts out at its southern terminus at the Olympic Freeway (Interstate 4), Del Perro Freeway (Interstate 2), and Elysian Fields Freeway (Route 20) junction in East Los Santos and continues into the Palomino Highlands and ends at the Route 13 (Senora Freeway) and Los Santos Freeway (Interstate 1)junction and the highway continues after the junction but is designated as The Senora Freeway (Route 13). Its is based off the real-life Antelope Valley Freeway (California State Route 14) in Northern Los Angeles County in the Mojave Desert.