Paparazzo - The Meltdown/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Paparazzo - The Meltdown", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


Pre-mission text message

Beverly Felton: Hey homie, heard a few rumors on the celebrity grapevine. Opportunity to get some real money shots! Sent over the locations, call me when you get there.

Mission script

(Franklin drives to Vinewood Blvd and phones Beverly Felton)

Franklin Clinton: Yo. What's going on?

Beverly Felton: Our friend Poppy Mitchell has just been spotted in a high-speed chase with the cops! Like right now, bro! Apparently, she's wasted! Get after them, see if you can snag a shot of her getting busted!

(Franklin follows the police in chasing Poppy to the Vinewood Casino)

Franklin Clinton: Man, how the fuck I get myself into this?

(Franklin continues to follow the police chasing Poppy until the corner of Elgin Ave and Spanish Ave)

Police officer: Pull over to the side of the road! I repeat, pull over, now!

(Franklin continues to follow the police chasing Poppy until she crashes into a palm tree)

Police officer: Get out of the car!

Poppy Mitchell: This isn't happening! This isn't happening!

Police officer: This is happening! Step away from the vehicle.

Poppy Mitchell: But I'm special! This isn't meant to happen to me.

(The police officer walks over to Poppy after she sits down)

Police officer: Wait a second. You're Poppy Mitchell. I saw that video of you... you... wow...

Poppy Mitchell: How did I look?

Police officer: Oh yeah, good. Hey can I get an autograph?

Poppy Mitchell: I'll do anything if you let me off.

Police officer: Anything?

(Franklin takes a photograph of Poppy being arrested and sends it to Beverly)

Beverly Felton (text message): Nice! Get out of there before you get busted!

Post mission phone call

Beverly Felton: That photo! What can I say? A-grade journalism! Our little sex tape sent Sloppy Poppy on a full-blown meltdown! How does it feel to be on the front lines, dude?

Franklin Clinton: Shit, it ain't exactly Iraq, man. And you know what? I might feel a little less degraded if I was fucking getting paid.

Beverly Felton: All in good time. The truth comes first. I'll be in touch.