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The following is a script of the mission "Payback" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Angie: Hey.

Niko: Uh... who are you waving at?

Angie: Feds, I think... they always drive past at this time.

Niko: Does that worry you?

Angie: When you marry a dragon, you gotta expect a few knights are gonna turn up to try to slay him. Jackasses, all of them, all of you.

Niko: Nice talking with you.

Angie: Whatever. You have fun. Pick a swell guy to kill - hopefully someone with a young family who'll really miss him...

(Niko goes inside and finds Anthony sleeping)

Niko: Hey.

Anthony: Hey!

Niko: Is Mr. Pegorino around?

Anthony: Uh, uh... sure, I'll get him. Boss!

Pegorino: Anthony - will you shut up? In fact, will you fuck off? Go on, get outta here. Don't come back 'til you get a brain implant, or something.

Anthony: I'm sorry... I... I'm so...

Pegorino: Nice to see you, Niko.

Niko: You too.

Pegorino: I got a couple of things I want to talk to you about. First up - can you kill this shithead?

Niko: Sure.

Pegorino: Second... come in here.

Anthony: Ahh, fuck.

Pegorino: So, listen... we gotta bit of a problem with the Pavanos.

Niko: Yes, I noticed that at your meeting with them.

Pegorino: The way they look at us, we're bottom feeders! Always have been. We ain't a real family to them - just a bunch of Guernsey goombas. When things are cool, we're getting fucked.

Niko: I'm sorry to hear that.

Pegorino: Ahh, sure. Listen, some of their boys are in town today, gonna collect their piece of an Alderney bookie ring. Word is they're at the Diner in Acter. Find 'em, and follow them to the meet. You disrupt it, and I'll let you keep the money, but make sure you hit the PAvanos real hard! Capiche?

Niko: Yeah, capiche.

Pegorino: Thank you...

(Niko finds the Pavanos at the diner)

Pavano: I think that guy works for the Pegorinos. God, they must be desperate. Let's lose him on the way to the meet.

Post mission phone calls


Niko: I got that stuff, Jimmy.

Pegorino: Well done, my boy. I hope you made 'em suffer. Teach 'em that Alderney is Pegorino turf. Was there a nice little haul in it for you?

Niko: Alright.

Pegorino:Maybe you'll give me a little taste then. Hand something up the ladder. That's how us Italians been doin' things for centuries.

Niko: Good thing I'm not Italian.

U.L. Paper

U.L. Paper: Bellic, I want to introduce you to John Gravelli, head of the Gambetti family. He needs help.

Niko: I'm already working for a Mafia family. They are scum.

U.L. Paper: The Pegorinos? They're not a family. Gravelli is the only man who can get what you need done. He's in Schottler Medical center. Tell him you were sent by a mutual friend. He's expecting you.


Kate: Niko, I've been invited to your cousin's wedding.

Niko: I didn't think you guys knew each other.

Kate: Nor did I. He called me up and said that you really liked me and wanted me to be there. Is that true Niko?

Niko: I guess it is.

Kate: I'll see you at the wedding then.

Failing the mission

Pavanos escape

Niko: I lose the guy. I couldn't find the deal.

Pegorino: You'll lose your balls if you make a habit of fucking up like this. Come see me soon. Fucking slippery wop bastards.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Patrick: Hey, I'm offended. You're havin' fun without me.

Pegorino: I didn't have no time.

Niko: I'll talk to you later, Packie.

Patrick: Niko, I know you're probably occupied and don't wanna hang out but I thought I'd try. I'm bored.

Patrick: Shit, Packie. I'm kind of busy chasing down some wiseguys for those guido buddies of yours.

Patrick: Tell me this job ain't as crazy as when you and me hit that bank together.

Pegorino: Too bad, my boy. Doesn't look like there's much in it for you then.

Niko: You mean when Michael died? I couldn't possibly be having that much fun.