Pedestrian Dialogue in GTA III

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This page documents pedestrian dialogue featured in Grand Theft Auto III.


  • This is the Army!
  • Kill him!
  • I wanna kill him!
  • Do we get medals for this?
  • Take the enemy down!
  • Shoot him! SHOOT HIM!
  • This is a WAR!
  • Damn civilians!
  • I love my job!

Ammu-Nation Clerk

  • You want a licence?
  • No funny business.
  • I don't need to see any ID; you look trustworthy.


  • Let's go to strip club.

Columbian Cartel

Being Car Jacked

  • It's MY car, idiot!
  • He taking my car!
  • My car!
  • You're going to pay for that!

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • Watch the wheels, gringo!
  • You're going to pay for THIS!
  • You cannot drive dude!


  • You want the chainsaw, gringo?
  • I'm going to kill you.
  • You're gonna be sorry...
  • You're a big dumb Yankee boy!
  • Run or die!
  • You're a brave man, huh?
  • It's no problem to kill you.
  • You move, big man?!


  • F.B.I.! Stop!
  • I'll kill you!
  • You're making Rosco mad!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • They'll rape him.
  • This is the F.B.I.!
  • Stop right there!


  • I'm an old lady for Christ's sake...
  • MY CAR!
  • Hey!
  • Get off!
  • Oh No, Not My Wheels!
  • That's my Mummy's car!
  • That's my company car!
  • Stop!
  • Leave me alone!
  • Sure, sure, TAKE IT!
  • My mother's my sister.
  • In the navy!
  • People kill people.
  • Haven't you got respect for your elders?
  • I'm gonna get a gun.
  • HEY! He hit me!
  • Theres a place you can go.
  • You look like my daughter.
  • What are you doing in there? Giving birth?
  • Guns don't kill people.
  • Get me a doughnut. I'm hungry.
  • Call the YMCA.
  • You can sail the seven seas.
  • I'm gonna get my face plucked!
  • This is my cab!
  • Get in the back! AHHH!!
  • Mo money, mo problems!
  • You talking to me?


  • We will open fire!
  • Police! Freeze!
  • This is the police, stop!
  • Take him out!
  • He's over there!
  • This is the LCPD!
  • Police!
  • Don't move a muscle!
  • Comply!

Southside Hoods

Being Car Jacked

  • Hey man, I just bought that!
  • Not my wheels!
  • That's my wheels!
  • Man, I just stole this!

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • It's PANCAKE time!
  • Next stop, you're dead!
  • I see the world of pain!
  • You're a dead man!


  • Let's go, cracka!
  • Yo, check it out!
  • You got a problem?
  • I'm gonna bust your ass!
  • I'm gonna bust your head!
  • You know who you messin' wit?!
  • Check out the featherweight!
  • It's ass-whoopin' time!


  • You call that driving? (after almost being run down)
  • Mo' money, mo' problem.
  • I'm about to kick ass so bad!
  • Hey, get your eyes checked! (after almost being run down)
  • Explain!
  • Somebody call a medic! (fighting)
  • I see pain in your future! (fighting)
  • And the winner by K.O. is...! (fighting)

Police Helicopter

  • Did you read a manual for this thing?
  • You got nowhere to run boy!
  • You're gonna need some help!
  • Co-Pilot: We're gonna kill you!
    Pilot: You can't say that, it's not in the book!