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The following is a script of the mission "Photo Shoot" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Playboy X: Wassup, money?

Niko Bellic: Not much, how are you?

Playboy X: Chilling... s'all good. Well, mostly good.

Niko Bellic: Mostly?

Playboy X: Yeah, Dwayne's been getting on my nerves... pushing me, man. But whatever... we spoke about that shit already.

Niko Bellic: Give him time. He's just out of prison.

Playboy X: For real... listen, G. Dwayne ain't the only thing I got on my mind...

Niko Bellic: No?

Playboy X: No... Some motherfucker's been calling me a phoney, calling me a snitch, calling me all kinds of bullshit.

Niko Bellic: Big deal...

Playboy X: Yeah big deal. Damn right! Until I discover, that same motherfucker? Well... he's got some real loose lips.

Niko Bellic: Not bad. So, you need this guy silenced?

Playboy X: Yeah. He hangs out with his team near the courts on Exeter between X and W.

Niko Bellic: Okay. What does he look like?

Playboy X: Well, son ain't too diesel or nothing, he a regular lookin' dude, nahmean? Now he don't flash his guap too much, but you can see it in his eye, that he a hustler.

Niko Bellic: Eh?

Playboy X: Homie ain't too brolic, but he ain't scrawny neither. And he be stylin' on 'em a little, ya dig? I mean, he ain't too bummy, but he grimy too.

Niko Bellic: So, he's the average one?

Playboy X: Look. He's brown skinned, B. Motherfucker be rockin' baggy clothes all that - jewels, and he stay fresh with the clean sneakers, nahmean? And sometimes a bandana.

Niko Bellic: Look. I need more than that to go on.

Playboy X: Jesus. Here, take this, head down there, take a photo, send it to me, and I'll point out which one of them motherfuckers it is.

Niko Bellic: Fine.

Playboy X: And that's a little gift for you.


(Niko arrives at the basketball courts)

Gangster: ...and that's why the Penetrators ain't doin' nothing this season. They got no one who can work the lanes, man.

Marlon: Shit, Lieutenant, that's something I was forced into from the necessity of my financial situation. My body is forced to rob and deal in order to sustain my own well bein' and that of my immediate family.

(Niko takes a picture of the group and sends it to Playboy who calls Niko)

Playboy X: Yo, money. Marlon's the one in the black jacket. Smoke him.

Niko: Sure.


Playboy X: Marlon's the one dressed like a damn canary. Wearing that yellow jack and shit. Get rid of him.

Niko: I'll get rid of him.


Playboy X: Money, Marlon's the man in blue. Ice that bitch.

Niko: Yeah.

(If Niko takes a picture of the wrong group)

That ain't Marlon! There another group near by? the X

(If Niko takes a picture of something unrelated)

I can't see shit. Take a proper pic of them cats. the X

(If Niko gets too close to the group)

Gangster: Who you eye ballin', fool? Peace out, cousins.

Post mission phone calls

Playboy X

Niko: Marlon is dead.

Playboy X: You the man, son. You money. You my ice-cold Slavic killer! See you soon.


Michelle: Hey, Niko, it's me.

Niko: Yeah, who are you? Can you remind me?

Michelle: That doesn't matter. You need to meet me outside the United Liberty Paper building in Algonquin. It is very important that you be there. Goodbye.


Mallorie: Niko. I'm getting worried. Roman didn't get back at all last night.

Niko: He likes to party. He stays out late the whole time. You know what he's like.

Mallorie: Not on my watch he don't. Something ain't right.

Failing the mission

Marlon gets away

Niko: Your man got away.

Playboy X: I thought you was my boy, Niko? I thought you knew how to chase down them dollar bills? Come see me when you can handle the shit I got for you to do.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Gangster: Ain't there something more elevated you can conversate on?

Playboy X: I didn't even tell you what Marlon looked like. Get it together and come see me.

Niko: I shot at the guys by the courts.

Niko: I'll do it.

Gangster: My mind ain't trapped. I just like hearing cats spit rhymes and I know you like pushing rocks on the corner.

Gangster: So shut the fuck up.

Gangster: That's the oppressors limiting your mind.

Playboy X: What you doing, man? You not thinking.

Gangster: What you talking about? You a drug dealing gang banger.

Gangster: Whatever you say, fool. I'm free.

Gangster: You 'bout as stereo fucking typical as they come.

Gangster: You conforming to stereotypes, cousin. All you talk about is the rap game and the basketball game.