Portland Safehouse

The Portland safehouse is a safehouse for Toni Cipriani in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, located on the northern side of Saint Mark's, Portland.

Rear side of the Portland safehouse in GTA Liberty City Stories.


The safehouse is a basic apartment that was given to the player during "Home Sweet Home" by Vincenzo Cilli, and can only be accessed from the rear, through a back passage. The safehouse only features one working garage that can only hold one vehicle (much like its Grand Theft Auto III equivalent), despite featuring two garage doors. A hidden package can be found on the roof of an extension next to the entrance into the safehouse and the baseball bat pickup, and is only reachable by parking a large vehicle next to the extension and climbing up the vehicle.

The safehouse is depicted with a small interior comprising three rooms: The living space, which functions as a living room and dining room and contains the safehouse's save point; the kitchen, which contains a health pickup; and the bedroom, which contains a wardrobe icon.

The safehouse's design is based on partially demolished ruins at the same spot in GTA III, implying the safehouse was eventually cleared out and was in the process of being torn down by events in GTA III in 2001.