Rampage Two/Script

This is the script for the mission "Rampage Two" in Grand Theft Auto V.


Los Santos Vagos gangster #1: That's what she said.

(The two Vagos gangsters laugh and then notice Trevor approaching them)

Los Santos Vagos gangster #1: Hey, ese! Que onda?

Trevor Philips: What'd you say, amigo?

Los Santos Vagos gangster #2: Where you from, vato?

Trevor Philips: It's none of your business... okay?

(Trevor pushes the second gangster who pushes him back)

Trevor Philips: Hey, it's a slight accent. Fuck you.

(Both Vagos gangsters begin pushing Trevor)

Trevor Philips: Hey, so I grew up in Canada, huh? What's the big fucking deal?

(Trevor steals the gun of the second gangster)

Trevor Philips: You fucking racist!

Los Santos Vagos gangster #2: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Trevor Philips: And before you fucking ask, no I'm not a motherfucker!

Los Santos Vagos gangster #1: Hey! Chill homes, Chill!

(The two gangsters run away and Trevor begins shooting at the attacking gangsters)

Trevor Philips: Show some fucking tolerance!
Trevor Philips: I'm putting the Vagos out of business!
Trevor Philips: Not laughing now, are you?
Trevor Philips: You had to say it, didn't you?

Vagos gangster: You motherfucker!
Vagos gangster: I'm gonna reload.
Vagos gangster: Fuck you, ese.