Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Unnamed dog
Dom Beasley
Objective Rescue Dom from a tree, parachute to the top of Mount Chiliad and beat Dom in a bicycle race down the mountain.
Location Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Fail The unnamed dog dies
Dom Beasley dies
Jeff Chartier dies
The helicotper is destroyed
Landing further down Mount Chiliad
Losing the race to Dom
Unlocks Liquidity Risk

Risk Assessment is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Franklin Clinton initially by an unnamed dog and subsequently Dom Beasley from a park in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton, having gone to a park close to his house, spots a dog and begins communicating with it. The dog informs Franklin of a man who had landed in a tree while parachuting and takes him to the tree where Franklin finds Dom Beasley. Franklin and Dom briefly talk about the dog, which Dom knows nothing about, before Dom is freed from his parachute. Dom drops to the floor and asks Franklin to accompany him on his next adventure. The two walk down a path and a helicopter, piloted by Jeff Chartier, and fly to Mount Chiliad with Dom explaining that they will be parachuting on to the summit. Despite his reluctance, Franklin agrees and the two both land near the summit with Dom explaining that they will next race on bicycles down the mountain. The two then begin racing down the tricky and winding footpath with Franklin eventually crossing their finish line first. Dom criticises Franklin for being reckless but does invite him to another adventure at Los Santos International Airport.

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