Dom Beasley

Dom Beasley
Appearances GTA V
GTA Online
Full Name Dom Beasley
Aliases Dominator


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Karen Lichti (former partner)
Unnamed daughter
Main Affiliations Gary Harby (friend, co-worker)
Mark Pearson
Jeff Chartier (friend)
Glenn Scoville
Franklin Clinton (2013)
Vehicles Green-and-white Maverick
Blue Frogger
Voiced by Tony von Halle

Dom Beasley is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Strangers and Freaks character in Grand Theft Auto V and as a contact for parachuting in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is voiced by Tony von Halle.

Character history

Dom Beasley is, in 2013, a father to an unnamed daughter and a successful hedge fund manager, making $10 million in one day. He uses Luxembourg, a tax haven, to place his money and does not send his former partner Karen Lichti any child support or visit his daughter. He is disliked at his place of work and spends his money on increasingly dangerous stunts, describing himself as a "control junkie".

In the early part of 2013 he meets the protagonist of GTA Online, taking them on a number of sky diving trips. Later in the year, while sky diving, he lands in a tree and remains stuck until Franklin Clinton rescues him, after being told of Dom's situation by a dog. The dog, however, can seemingly only be seen by Franklin. The two then sky dive and later meet to drive a quad bike out of a Cargo Plane before sky diving again. Again they meet up to sky dive off the Maze Bank building.

The two meet once more at the Land Act Dam where Dom, wanting to push himself further, jumps off the dam without a parachute and dies in the shallow water beneath. A moment's silence was held at his place of work following his death, with a few people clapping throughout.

Mission appearances


Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • Killer business trip. Holla to my girl in Luxembourg. That tax haven is shaven!
  • Last chance to join me on the cave diving extravaganza! Stop being so female, ladies. And by ladies I mean all of my lame male Lifeinvader friends
  • Free-climbed into work today. Top floor office so go figure.
  • That Australian pilot is such a ditherer. He's like a mother hen in flip flops.
  • I just discovered a live-in maid I didn't know I had #onlyinmyworld
  • Look death in its eye. Get right up in its grill. Smell its rank breath.
  • Made a million, broke an arm. Just an average Tuesday.
  • To call my new hottub a "tub" is the understatement of the century. Think more Hot Lake.
  • Tell all your friends to stalk me! Let's get my count where it needs to be!
  • Just trashed some Speedophiles for no reason. Oops!
  • I'd go to work today but the sun's out and I made 10 million yesterday
  • I just made mother nature my bitch AGAIN!
  • Amazing how many people you have to bribe to let you do crazy shit. It costs a lot of money to live life on the edge.
  • I've subdivided all the girls I don't want to get with on Lifeinvader into blue chip (fat), high risk (skank) and illiquid (frigid)
  • I don't live my life at 100%, I live it at 50% to give the rest of you a chance.
  • Props to my boys for a major mach session today.
  • Looking into the eyes of a first-time base-jumper is like the night you are first with a woman - terrifying pleasure!
  • What would be considered an obscene amount to spend on a mountain bike? $10,000? Ooops! Yes I did.
  • Four days on the run I nearly died doing something crazy. This is getting boring now. NOT!!!!!
  • I spent this morning pounding the Asian markets. Thanks Wai Ling
  • Evaluation of my risk tolerance and volatility = HIGH
  • I do my blue sky thinking at 10,000 feet bitches.
  • Major wipeout!! What do you do when your parachute doesn't open and you land in a tree and nearly break every bone in your body? You get straight back in the helicopter and go up again!
  • You can't out-dominate the Dominator!
  • Who spends 6 figures to drive a quad bike out of a cargo plane? Guilty as charged, your honor!
  • Next stop - Maze Bank building! I already out-traded every drone in there!
  • You know how I'm always talking about how I have a black friend? Well now it's trye. I really do have a black friend.
  • I just jumped off the tallest building in LosS antos - what did you do today?
  • I wish you could all be me for just 5 minutes to see how awesome it is.
  • I am already planning my chef d'oeuvre! It will be something nobody has ever done before! I will finally out-dominate myself!
Franklin Clinton's page
  • I'd send you the bill for out playdate today but it would bankrupt you :-) Seriously dude how next-level was that? I bet there aren't many guys in your neighborhood who can say they've driven a quad bike out of a plane???
  • Maze Bank Building...tick it off the list! Done. DOMINATED!! I want you to stand in front of a mirror tonight, put down your pants, and tell me your dick isn't that little bit longer. Hanging with me is better than Mollis, dude!