Risk Assessment/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Risk Assessment", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin goes to a park north of his Vinewood Hills house and finds a dog barking to get his attention)

Franklin Clinton: Hello, boy.

Dog: Woof!

Franklin Clinton: What's that?

Dog: Woof!

Franklin Clinton: You said a man is stuck in a tree?

Dog: Woof!

Franklin Clinton: And he needs my help?

Dog: Woof! Woof!

Franklin Clinton: Part of you would rather leave him there 'cause he's a bit of a dick?

Dog: Woof!

Franklin Clinton: But you're doing your civic duty?

Dog: Woof! Woof!

Franklin Clinton: Okay, shit, show me.

(The dog runs off and Franklin begins following it)

Franklin Clinton: I've officially lost my damn mind.

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: What, boy? He just jumped out a fucking helicopter?

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: His parachute failed to open?

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: And now you kind of wish he'd missed the tree?

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: But morality is a human construct and you're not hardwired to think that way? I can't believe I'm getting smart-talked by a fucking dog.

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: Say what?

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: Wait, you talkin' about my kind of bitches or yours?

Dog: Woof.

Franklin Clinton: This shit I getting weird now, man.

(The dog and Franklin reach the tree that Dom is stuck in)

Franklin Clinton: Man, you wasn't wrong. Look at this fool.

Dom Beasley: Come on.

(Franklin approaches Dom)

Dom Beasley: Hey, bro! Mind giving me a hand here?

Franklin Clinton: Man, that's a cool-ass dog you got, homie.

Dom Beasley: What dog?

Franklin Clinton: That dog that saved your... saved your ass man.

Dom Beasley: Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about right now.

Franklin Clinton: What the fuck?

Dom Beasley: Hello? When you get a moment, seriously!

Franklin Clinton: My bad, dog.

(Franklin unhooks Dom from his parachute causing Dom to fall to the ground and he then stands up)

Dom Beasley: Oh, man, that was wild. Wooo! See I'm not an adrenaline junkie, I'm a control junkie.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, that parachuting is intense man.

Dom Beasley: Hey, hey. If along the way I figure out what it means to be alive, well then let's just make this a little spiritual and say I'm on a thought journey.

Franklin Clinton: Shit, nothing helps me think clearly like shitting myself while I'm heading towards a certain death, man.

Dom Beasley: Then you're up for it?

Franklin Clinton: Not really dog, shit I respect gravity.

Dom Beasley: Aww! I knew you were a pussy. Come on? It's safe I promise you, safer than driving a car.

Franklin Clinton: The only way it's safer is if you a drive a car out a fucking airplane.

Dom Beasley: Come on! Let's go!

(Franklin follows Dom to an open area)

Dom Beasley: Here comes my pilot. Let's next-level this shit. Yo Jeff! You wanna take a bit longer next time, dude?

Franklin Clinton: Man, fuck, I gotta learn how to say no.

(Franklin and Dom get into the helicopter)

Dom Beasley: Here's a headset to keep in touch with the Dominator, and a parachute to stop you from dying. All aboard? Okay Jeff, round two! Set her up!

Jeff Chartier: Roger that, buddy. Uhh, you sure you're okay? That last one was in-fucking-sane!

Dom Beasley: Dude, how crazy was that? I was dropping like a dotcom stock in late 2000. Cat out of the window! Tell me you got it, please tell me you got it. We gotta upload that shit right now.

Jeff Chartier: I'm sorry, man, it's all out of focus. I couldn't keep you in the shot. I thought you'd frapped for sure.

Dom Beasley: Oh man, I could hear myself screaming, but inside I was ice cold. Totally present in the moment. Like for a few seconds I saw everything and it all made sense, you know what I mean? Like everything.

Franklin Clinton: Shit, man, until your crazy ass hit that tree.

Dom Beasley: Dude, did I choose the tree or did the tree choose me? You know what I'm saying? It's the journey that matters not the destination. Am I right, Jeff?

Jeff Chartier: Dominator, buddy! You are the Dominator!

Franklin Clinton: Because in the case of skydiving, shit, the destination seems kinda important to me.

Dom Beasley: (Dude) What syllabus did you rock? AFF? You all good with the PLF?

Franklin Clinton: Say what?

Dom Beasley: What's your training background?

Franklin Clinton: Man, I found your crazy dumb ass in a tree, and now I'm here. That's all the background your ass need to know.

Dom Beasley: Virgin in the drop zone! Hymen in the hole! No, but seriously, I got you, don't sweat it. It's not rocket science, although it is in some ways, but I'm talking metaphorically. Like you with that dog. I didn't get that, by the way.

Franklin Clinton: Wait, wait, hold on, man. SO you're tellin' me you have no memory of a fucking dog?

Dom Beasley: Dude, there you go again. It's off kilter, and I dig that about you, but we need to get on (the) same page, bud. Strategize and synergize, you feel me? Like the double helix.

Franklin Clinton: Man, all I'm feelin' is regret on a whole new level.

Dom Beasley: Take the tampon out, bro. It's like riding a bike, except a hundred miles an hour headfirst towards the ground. You can't go wrong. Am I right, Jeff? Statistically, it's safer than having a wank!

Franklin Clinton: What the hell?

Jeff Chartier: Yeah, man, you can totally get infections you know, if you leave it too long between washes... and you know... uh it's a bad scene. Trust me, okay?

Dom Beasley: Okay, guys, let's keep this hetero. All you need to do is pull that ripcord there, ideally before you hit the dirt.

Franklin Clinton: So there's only thing to remember, right? But yo' ass managed to forget it on your last dive?

Dom Beasley: Funny guy! Yeah, we'll see who's laughing when you're spraying out of both ends. I got a hundred on a Code Brown, Jeff.

Jeff Chartier: Guaranteed!

Dom Beasley: Alright, I'm gonna jump second, get that chocolate rainbow on film.

Franklin Clinton: Man, you two are dicks.

Dom Beasley: Hey, you see that mountain up ahead? That's our DZ.

Franklin Clinton: Our what?

Dom Beasley: Drop Zone. Dude, get with the acronyms. Seriously. So, have you checked your rig?

Franklin Clinton: Man, I don't know that one, either.

Dom Beasley: No, your rig, your pac. You fucking chute, bro. Every diver checks his own rig. Something goes wrong, it's on you.

Franklin Clinton: Wait man, so how the hell do I...?

Dom Beasley: Shh. Okay, no more talking. We gotta get our minds in the game, eyes on the prize. Think about gravity. Switch off before we switch on. You know what I'm sayign? It's you against nature out there. There can only be one winner.

Franklin Clinton: Fuck man, what the hell am I doing here?

(Jeff flies to what he believes is the right altitude for Dom and Franklin)

Jeff Chartier: How's this altitude for you, Dom?

Dom Beasley: Perfecto. You never told me your name, buddy?

Franklin Clinton: It's Franklin, man.

Dom Beasley: Jeff, meet Franklin. Franklin, meet ten thousand feet. Take your bra off, bro, it's nearly man time.

(Franklin and Dom prepare to jump out of the helicopter)

Dom Beasley: I'm so pumped! Okay, let's shred this! You first, wuffo! Go on, now! Do it!!!

(Franklin jumps out of the helicopter)

Franklin Clinton: Oh, shit!

(Dom jumps out of the helicopter)

Dom Beasley: Yeah, baby! Whoo! We're docking on the summit. Legs are open, slam it home!

Franklin Clinton: What? Stop talkin' in pussy metaphors!

Dom Beasley: Do you see the bikes yet?

Franklin Clinton: Bikes? You didn't mention no fucking bikes?

Dom Beasley: Whoo! Next surprise, kimo sabe. Life's one long birthday when you hang with El Dominator!

(Franklin releases his parachute)

Franklin Clinton: Whoagh!

(Franklin approaches Mount Chiliad)

Dom Beasley: Yo! You released the chocolate hostage yet?

(Dom lands at the drop zone)

Dom Beasley: Saddle up, soldier. It's ground attack.

(If Franklin gets on a bike before Dom gets to the bikes)

Dom Beasley: Yo, what's with the early squirt, dude? Dial it back. Hey, wait for me.

(Franklin and Dom begin their bike race down Mount Chiliad)

Dom Beasley: Okay, last one down the mountain buys the protein shakes.

(Dom overtakes Franklin)

Dom Beasley: Yo! You're gonna gravity check, buddy!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Whoa, gnarly stretch here... don't bonk it.

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Razor sharp right, bro!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Precipice of death on the outside.

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: That's a five figure bike you're on and I want you to wreck it. Come on, let's shred this!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Shit, even bigger jump!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Whoa, massive air alert!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Get ready for more air!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Hahaha. I bet you didn't think you'd have the best day of your life when you woke up this morning.

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Oh! We got a hole in the road!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Ski jump! Hit the sky, bro!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Yo! You ride slower than my daughter and I've never even met the girl.

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Oh shit! Double jump!

(Franklin and Dom continue to race)

Dom Beasley: Go aggro on that track. Get right up in its grill. Mach session!

(If Franklin overtakes Dom on the last corner)

Dom Beasley: Oh shit! He's going for the face plant!

(Franklin wins the race)

Dom Beasley: Grrr.

Franklin Clinton: Aw yeah! I damn near killed myself, and you wasn't even pushing it.

Dom Beasley: Whatever, bro. I know this bike, I know this body. I was operating at the perimeter of my parameters, and you were being reckless, and now you're having a whinge.

Franklin Clinton: A what?

Dom Beasley: Listen, meet me by the airport when you've grown a pair? Alright?