Leonora Johnson

Leonora Johnson
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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Leonora Johnson


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth August 29, 1952
Place of Birth Midwest
Date of Death January 1975 (murdered by Peter Dreyfuss)
Age at Death 23
Nationality American
Home Midwest (1952 - 1967)
Los Santos (1967 - 1975)
Family Eileen Johnson (mother)
Harold Johnson (father)
Unnamed uncle
Everett Rogan (ex-boyfriend)
Mitch Dexter (possible ex-boyfriend)
Main Affiliations Carly Ferran (roommate)
David Richards
Solomon Richards (employer)
Peter Dreyfuss
Occupation Waitress (former)

Leonora Johnson is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Leonora Johnson was born on August 29, 1952 to Eileen and Harold Johnson in the American Midwest. Her father was a chicken farmer and her mother a slopper at a dairy farm. She suffered from lung problems for many years due to her heavy smoking and gained the interest of many older boys and 'certain faculty members' at her high school due to her physical development occuring early. Her mental development, however, slightly longer and she was described as being a 'quiet, unremarkable' student. In 1967, aged 15, she moved to Los Santos to pursue her dream of becoming a Vinewood actress or a model. This may have been at the encouragement of or to get away from her uncle, who later sold naked pictures of her to the Los Santos Meteor following her brutal murder.

She began working as a waitress but quickly came to the attention of people within film industry due to her 'naivete and stunning good looks', becoming a regular on the Vinewood party circuit. This allowed her to become a model with regular print advertisements and television commercials with some minor movie parts by the early 1970s. A rumour suggests that she had a brief relationship with film star Mitch Dexter in 1969 and in December 1974 tells the Daily Globe that a 'high-profile Vinewood celebrity had taken advantage of her before her 17th birthday, seeming to confirm the rumour. In 1972 she briefly dated casino croupier Everett Rogan although she ended the relationship after he began following her to work (paranoid about her rich suitors) and began weeping during sex. A year later, in 1973, she took out a restraining order against Everett and landed her first critically acclaimed film role as a wise-cracking disabled prostitute in Rum Runner. The Los Santos Shepherd described her, following this part, as "a pretty face to watch without perhaps much spark in the eyes". During this time, she had been living with roommate Carly Ferran, who had begun dying her hair red (to match Leonora's) and wearing Leonora's clothing.

Leonora continued to work in Vinewood and was allegedly a frontrunner for a leading part in The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith with long established actress Betsy O'Neil a rival for the main female part. On January 17, 1975, however, had decapitated body was found having been tortured and killed by Peter Dreyfuss. Her body had seemingly been placed 'like a gruesome piece of art'. She had been decapitated with some of her facial features missing, had her hands and feet removed and put back in place of the other, had part of her left thigh severed and positioned next to the body with the word HAM written in blood, had multiple incisions in her breasts and a star had been drawn on her back in cigar burns. An autopsy later revealed 'faint signs of sexual intercourse'. An anonymous tip-off, from a woman with a deep voice according to whokilledleonorajohnson.com, led to the Los Santos Police Department finding her body next to the Land Act Dam but only after reporters had been there for several hours destroying forensic evidence.

With forensic evidence either unusable or destroyed (due to the press trampling over it) the case remained unsolved with a number of people (including Johnny Sutton) confessing to the crime although no charges ever stuck. A number of people were suspected in her murder, including the actual killer Peter Dreyfuss who wrote a confession letter to David Richards, founder of the Richards Majestic film studio, although the letter was hidden by David. Dreyfuss would continue to taunt the LSPD and her family for years with letters, phone calls and 'souvenirs', which included Leonora's locket and on the anniverary of her murder, her lips.

After her murder, her uncle sold pictures of her skinny dipping to the Los Santos Meteor on January 18, 1975, one day after her body was found. Jessica Barlow, who claimed to have been Leonora's best friend at high school, would make a lot of money through Leonora's death and even starred as Leonora in the 1984 pornographic film Lay Enormous Johnson about Leonora's death.

Unsolved murder case

The murder of Leonora Johnson was eventually solved in 2013, nearly forty years later, by Franklin Clinton after collecting fifty pieces of Dreyfuss' confession letter, which David Richards had torn up shortly before his death in 2012. Franklin then confronted Dreyfuss, with the player having the option of killing or sparing Dreyfuss. Jeff Campion had also attempted to solve the murder for thirty years and had established the website whokilledleonorajohnson.com, detailing her life, the injuries inflicted on her body, and detailing 'The Main Players', which he initially labelled as suspects until being sued for libel on a number of occasions.


  • Leonora Johnson was 5'4/162.5cm tall, weighed 110 pounds, had green eyes and red hair.
  • Collecting 50 letter scraps will unlock the mission in which Franklin confronts Dreyfuss, which in turn unlocks the achievement/trophy "A Mystery, Solved".
  • Leonora Johnson's murder shares similarities to the Black Dahlia Murder.
  • Some players mistake Leonora for a relation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas protagonist Carl Johnson, in particular his mother. Carl's mother Beverly was killed during The Introduction DVD for the re-released GTA San Andreas. Leonora and Carl also appear in different universes, meaning that the two cannot be related.