Hayden Dubose

Hayden Dubose
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Hayden Dubose


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Family Kimberly Dubose (wife)
Melinda Dubose (daughter)
Unnamed children
2 ex-wives
Main Affiliations Jasper O'Hare (friend)
Kyle Chavis
Castro Lagano (friend)
Michael De Santa (neighbour)
Amanda De Santa (neighbour)

Hayden Dubose is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Lifeinvader user in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Hayden Dubose, his daughter Melinda and his other children, moved to Rockford Hills, Los Santos in 2006 after being sold the house by real estate developer Lenny Avery. He presumably moved with his first wife as Kyle Chavis worked as the tennis coach of both his first and second wives. Hayden continued to work as a stock trader and later became head of both the Neighbourhood watch and the Chair of the Edward Way Block Association, keeping an eye on the houses in the area, which includes the De Santa house. He is a wealthy man, owning a wine collection and being a member of the Los Santos Golf Club where he plays alongside Castro Lagano, Jasper O'Hare, Bentley and Rogers. He also sends his children to boarding school. He becomes friends with Michael De Santa, although Michael occasionally ignores Hayden's phone messages, and borrows his copy of Rum Runner and even briefly borrowing the services of Eva when his own cleaner calls in sick.

He later, presumably in late 2012/early 2013, marries his third wife and employs both Kyle Chavis as a tennis coach and the pool boy used by the De Santa's. Hayden later witnesses Franklin Clinton at the De Santa house and spots Michael dressed similar to the employees of Lifeinvader in Vinewood, while he heard the gunfire from the Merryweather invasion of the De Santa house. After Amanda, Jimmy and Tracey De Santa leave and Michael goes into hiding, he asks Michael on Lifeinvader if they on vacation having not seen anyone at the house. He later questions what will happen to the dollar after the Union Depository is robbed.

Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • I want those golf clubs Mark Fostenburg has from Japan with the seal skin grips.
  • Third wife's a charm! If I keep getting older and they getting younger, we're all good, right? Only joking, honey!
  • And the kids are gone! Boarding school - never die me any harm. Made me the man I am today.
  • I'd like to apologize again to Mr Hernandez for asking him to wait outside with the other help at last night's Neighborhood Watch meeting.
  • The housekeeper just put my 1943 cabernet in the coq au vin. I want to cut her throat! Only joking. But COME ON! Were you raised in the wilderness?
  • Unanimous vote to renew my tenure as Head of Neighborhood watch AND Chair of the Edward Way Block association last night. Hard for that not to go to your head!
  • Whoever came up with the idea of alimony should be taken outside and shot.
  • The maid called in sick for a second day!!! I don't know if I can handle living in this squalor for a minute longer!
  • Well, this neighborhood certainly has become cosmopolitan in the 7 years I've lived here.
  • They're talking about letting women into the Golf Club again. It doesn't bear thinking about. #sicktomystomach
  • Does that tennis coach have to get in quite so close???
  • Working hard on this new merger - got to keep my little lady in new shoes!
  • It's like a honeymoon every night in my house at the moment. TMI?
  • Cooking in the nude with Kimberly tonight and the gazpacho nearly wasn't vegetarian! #closecallwiththeblender
  • No financial crisis in my portfolio - 3 year high!!!
  • I saw a suspicious-looking black man hanging around the De Santa house again. I don't know whether it's the economic downturn or what, but this community doesn't feel as safe as it should any more given how much money I spent to live here.
  • Why did I buy all that Lifeinvader stock??? So dumb.
  • Long session at the club last night. Castro's wife threw him out again :)
  • I'm not one to gossip but it doesn't sound like domestic bliss over at the De Santas!
  • If those are really are gunshots, whatever's happening at the De Santas goes way above the remit of the Neighborhood Watch Society.
  • How the hell did the Union Depository get broken into? I thought it was supposed to be impenetrable! What's this going to do to the dollar?
  • Apparently, someone is waging a campaign of terror against the realtor who sold me my house! Lenny Avery. Nice guy, great hair. What is Rockford Hills coming to???
Michael De Santa's page
  • Great looking at the yacht with you buddy. Hope you didn't mind me tagging along. She's a beauty. "Jacqueline" Bet there's a story there :)
  • How's the day trading going? I had another double-digit month!
  • Thanks for loaning us your maid and for being such a good neighbor (you can imagine what I first thought when I heard the "De Santas" were moving in!) I owe you a beer some time.
  • So apparently my wife wants to switch to the same pool boy Amanda uses? Can you pass on contact details?
  • Thanks for lending me that Rum Runner movie. There's something about that girl in the wheelchair...
  • Keep leaving you voicemails about golf - anyone would think you were ignoring me, neighbor :)
  • I was driving through Vinewood earlier and saw a guy dressed like a moronic teenager who looked the spit of you! I must be going crazy!
  • Are you guys on vacation? Haven't seen anyone at the house for a while? Just being a good neighbor!