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The following is a script of the mission "Search and Delete" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Niko: Hey. Hello?

Mechanic: I'm busy.

Niko: I said hello!

Mechanic: Ow! Motherfucker!

Niko: Is your boss around?

Mechanic: What did you do that for?

Niko: Is your boss around?

Mechanic: Yeah, he's around. Brucie! Some fucking Polack asshole for you.

Niko: Pleasure to meet you, too.

Brucie: He's not a Polack. He's a gentleman.

Mechanic: He's still a fucking asshole...

Brucie: Sorry, Nicky, man. How's things?

Niko: Okay.

Brucie: Sweet.

(Brucie pretends to hit Niko)

Brucie: I got you, man! I'm big but I'm also fast. Wake up, boy!

Niko: Ooh, I'm sorry. Can you show me that again?

(Brucie does it again but Niko grabs his arm and twists it)

Brucie: Hey yah! Oh! Ah! Oh! Enough, man, enough! Oh! Whoo! Fuck me, man. Woo!

Niko: You'll be alright, eh?

Brucie: That's some red army shit, serious. You gotta show me that one. I'm all about power. C'mon touch my pecs, man.

Niko: No, thank you.

Brucie: Rock hard. I bench four-fifty I'm an animal.

Niko: Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Brucie: Shit no shit. What are you doing here, man?

Niko: Well, Roman said maybe you needed some help, and we need some money real bad.

Brucie: Shit, my bad. Yeah, of course. Love that guy. Love him. I mean I am no chubby chase, but if I was, and a queer, that guy would be in trouble, you know what I mean?

Niko: I'll let him know.

Brucie: Hey, I'm shitting with you. Brucie likes pussy. Remember that, alright?

Niko: Okay...

Brucie: Alright now, Nicky, listen up. I know you guys need money, bad.

Niko: Yeah...

Brucie: This ain't a nice job. Not exactly mom and pop shit.

Niko: No problem, as long as the pay is good.

Brucie: Sometimes people fuck other people over, okay? And the people that fuck other people need to get fucked with. Especially people that go into hiding, before they can get on the stand and put a lot of guys inside for a lot of time.

Niko: What?

Brucie: I need you to whack some people, only they're in hiding.

Niko: How do I find them?

Brucie: Man, you're cold. You didn't even blink! Love that, I fucking love that! You gotta steal a police car, get on the computer, gimme a call. They're easy to hack.

Niko: Not really. Alright, Brucie, I'll give you a call.

Brucie: Ice cold man! Ice cold!


(Niko finds a police car and calls Brucie)

Niko: I'm here, I have a computer.

Brucie: You're a badass, man. I love it. Now this cat's name's Lyle Rivas. Type it into the computer and you should get some 'known whereabouts' and shit. I'd take him out myself but when people see me coming they fucking run, man. Know what I'm saying? Cats don't want to mess with someone packing twenty-four inch guns like mine baby. Yeah!

Niko: I'll track down this Rivas.

Brucie: Cold, man... I'm feeling chills down the phone. Call me when it's done, bro.

(Niko finds Lyle Rivas in an apartment)

Niko: Lyle Rivas? I got a message from Brucie for you.

Lyle: Brucie? I thought he was fucking joking... shit.

(Lyle escapes out of a window and flees in his car. If Rivas escapes on foot)

Lyle: Fucking Brucie is a psychopath.

Lyle: I never thought this would be for real.

Lyle: Man, shit, Brucie's fucking crazy.

Lyle: That maniac is trying to get me killed.

Post mission phone call

Niko: You should not worry about Rivas any more.

Brucie: Lethal, man. A lot of people are going to be very grateful that certain people who fucked with them can't say things to other people or fuck with anyone anymore. If you get me?

Niko: I get the money you're paying.

Brucie: You're all about the cabbage I mean, the lettuce, the lettuce! Ice cold, man. I love it. There'll be some more work when you need it.

Post mission text messages

Bro, come see me at my crib in BOABO. Stay Alpha. - B

Ice cold mother fucker like you should look into doing some vigilante work for $, bro. Cops are outsourcing that shit to private contractors. Check it out next time you hack a Police Computer. - B

Failing the mission

Rivas escapes

Niko: The guy you sent me after, Rivas. He got away.

Brucie: Shit, man. That, that cat's still out there? This ain't cool at all, bro. God I'm angry. God! Angry. Not with you, man. I mean, I couldn't be angry with you. Just, like, fucking angry. Come back to see me, bro.