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Elizabeta: Andreas, you piece of shit, leave the girl alone. She knows how I like it. You don't need to tell her shit... leave my... Hey Johnny!

Johnny: Hey, what's happening?

Elizabeta: Andreas... shut the fuck up!

Johnny: Huh?

Marta: Eat?

Johnny: Oh, yeah...

Malc: Nah, nah, nah. We gotta go. Shit's gotta get done.

Johnny: Alright some other time then.

Elizabeta: No, I don't think there's gonna be another time man. Shit's closing in. All these snitches all over the place. You fucking hear that on your wiretap, Andreas? You fucking hear that? Maybe you guys should get rid of him and sell this coke later. Huh?

Johnny: Do you want us to take Marta off your hands? Look after he until the heat's gone?

Elizabeta: You ain't getting your hands on my baby girl. You only got to worry about yourself and selling that coke. You don't gotta worry about me. And you don't gotta worry about her neither. Okay?

Johnny: Okay. Come on, let's do this.

Malc: Yeah, we out.

Johnny: Adios amigos.

Elizabeta: Andreas gonna be waiting for you.

Andreas: That's right, I'm gonna be waiting for you and you and and anybody else who shows up, ok? Cos that's the way I roll.


Malc: Aight, we gotta head out to the courts on Butterfly. Let's go.


Malc: We making this transaction on them courts up on Butterfly. Come on.

Malc: We got to head up to Butterfly. This shit is going down up there.

Malc: How you like the feel of this, Johnny?

Johnny: I gotta say, I haven't seen Liz Torres that crazy before.

Malc: Shit, I'd be good to go if I had some cooch like that.

Johnny: You think there's something going down with Liz and Marta? Shit.

(The three arrive at the deal)

Malc: What up kid, I got that package for you.

DeSean: Yeah man, overnight express.

Male buyer: What? You been stepping on this shit?

DeSean: Fuck you. Test it and see. It's pure as punks like you gonna find.

Male buyer: Listen, you do your job... and let us do ours.

DeSean: Huh, whatever man.

Male buyer: Go ahead.

(The female buyer takes some cocaine and snorts it)

Male buyer: That fucking good?

Female buyer: Yeah it's good.

Male buyer: So what you going to do about it?

Female buyer: I'm going to take it for our own.

(The two aim their guns at Johnny, Malc, and DeSean)

Malc: I don't think so.

(Johnny, Malc and DeSean aim their guns at the buyers)

Male buyer: Well, you best change your mindset, 'cause this right here man, is happening.

Female buyer: Yeah motherfucker.

(The female buyer shoots at Johnny's bike and blows it up)

Malc: Oh, you fucked up now bitch.

Johnny: Holy shit.

(Malc shoots the female buyer in the chest)

Male buyer: Yo, you see what you did? This shit is fucked up man!

Johnny: Fuck! God damn you motherfuckers!

DeSean: Gonna need that shit.

(The buyer runs away and DeSean picks up the cocaine)

Johnny: My fucking bike man!

Malc: C'mon, man, c'mon. Yo, c'mon Johnny.

(Johnny begins fighting the LCPD)

Malc: That's what the fuck I'm talking about!

Malc: Here we go.

(When Johnny destroys a car)

Johnny: Your engines bust, asshole.

Johnny: Sorry, dude.

Johnny: Hope that vest saves you, man.

Johnny: So long, man. You broke down.

Johnny: Take it to the shop, copper.

Johnny: That pigs got engine trouble.

Johnny: Shit. Cop car broke down.

Johnny: Cop's gone and broke his car.

Johnny: Get your wrench out, pig.

Johnny: Sorry, brother!

Johnny: Looks like you're on foot now, friend.

Johnny: So long, cherry top.

Johnny: Those chumps need a mechanic.

Johnny: That's a case of over steering if ever I saw one.

Johnny: LCPD can't get their own cars to work.

Johnny: You got health insurance, man. I don't.

Johnny: Shit, man, learn how to drive.

Johnny: Having some engine trouble, pig?

Malc: Good night. Sleep tight.

Malc: Fake-ass security guard.

Malc: I hope they can walk away from that one.

Malc: Ha, ha, ha and you know that's gotta hurt.

Malc: That's what the fuck I'm talking about!

Malc: That's right!

Malc: Yeah!

Malc: Bye bye, bitches.

Malc: Nice shot!

Malc: Good shootin' maniac.

Malc: Good shootin'

Malc: Great shot.

Malc: That's some serious shooting.

Malc: Oh shit, you got 'em.

Malc: Man, oh, man. This shit is heavy.

Malc: You pathetic.

Malc: Nice belly Popo!

(If Johnny has Terry and Clay for backup)

Johnny: Get the heat away from us, boys.

Johnny: Keep the cops off our back, fellas.

Johnny: How you boys holding up?

Johnny: Keep these pigs back, Clayton.

Johnny: Clayton, keep on these fucking bulls.

Johnny: Look after us, Clay.

Johnny: Clay. You got my back, man?

Johnny: Smash them cherry tops, Clay. Come on.

Johnny: Terry! Clay! Deal with the pigs, men. Come on.

Johnny: Terry! Clay! Keep the bulls off us.

(DeSean splits away from Malc and Johnny)

Malc: You like taking chances, don't you, D?


Malc: Shit, DeSean. What the fuck are you doing?

Malc: You trying to kill yourself, DeSean?

(A police helicopter begins tailing the three)

Malc: Yo, yo! We got cops in the sky look out, Johnny.


Malc: Shit, Johnny. We got a bird in the sky.

Malc: Ahh shit. Five-o's right on top of us, man.

(Johnny destroys the helicopter)

Malc: Bye-bye birdie.


Malc: Man, that shit sure does fall from the sky.

Malc; Whooo, there she go.

(When the three get surrounded)

Johnny: I'm feeling the heat here, Malc.

Johnny: Five-o got us closed in, man.

Johnny: I got a feeling we're not gonna get away from these cops.

Johnny: Leave us the fuck alone!

Malc: Cops got us in the spot for real, now.

Malc: Man, we're surrounded.

Malc: Coppers all around, B! They all around!

Malc: I ain't into the whole jail thing.

Malc: I don't look good in orange.

Malc: Come on, get us out of here.

Malc: We locked in here, fam!

Malc: We surrounded by dirty ass coppers here.

Malc: Yo, B, five-o all up on top of us!

(More cops begin following the three)

Malc: We got cops coming up the rear.

Malc: Eyes behind us, Johnny. We got cops on us.

Malc: Police!

Malc: Five-o behind us. Look out.

Malc: Come on, let's get out of here!

Malc: It's the oinks man!

Malc: Cops!

Johnny: Police ahead, dude.

Johnny: The fucking bulls are right in front of us.

Johnny: The cops are right in front of us.

Johnny: Cops straight ahead.

Johnny: Shit. We got cops ahead.

(A cop car crashes into a bus stop)

Johnny: Missed the bus, officer.


Johnny: Those are some tax payer dollars gone to waste.

Johnny: Try driving on the road, buddy!

(Cops go through a gas station but the tanks explode as do the police cars)

Johnny: Fuck me! The gas station!


Johnny: Think of the environment, man.

Johnny: Gas is really gonna get expensive now.

Malc: Man, oh fucking man.


Malc: I'm sweatin' up in this bitch.

Malc: Fuck it's getting hot.

Johnny: Hey. Check the LCPD Patriots up ahead.


Johnny: Shit. They got Patriots blocking the road.

Johnny: Fuck. Cop Patriots up ahead.

(Johnny, Malc and DeSean get surrounded in front of the Grotti showroom)

Johnny: How we gonna get out of this one?


Johnny: Shit, we're all closed in.

Johnny: Seems like these cops have got us surrounded.

Malc: Take out them showroom windows, Fam.


Malc: Yo, B. You gonna have to take out them showroom windows, now.

Malc: Johnny, I need you to take out the windows of that showroom, aight?

(Johnny shoots out the windows and Malc drives through the showroom)

Johnny: I always hated these yuppie cars anyway.


Johnny: I hope these things are insured.

Johnny: Shit, pigs don't have no respect for private property.

(Malc drives out of the showroom and more police follow them)

Malc: Shit now it's cops on the right, Johnny. Do what you gotta do.


Malc: I think you might wanna look right.

Malc: Cop car on the right, baby.

(Malc drives past a hot dog stand)

Johnny: You hungry, Malc? Wanna dog?


Johnny: Two hot dogs, please!

Johnny: I'll take mustard, hold the sauerkraut.

(Malc hands Johnny pipe bombs)

Malc: Hold of this, Johnny. You need to clear these coppers the fuck out.


Malc: We need you to get rid of five-o behind us. Use this shit.

Malc: Here's something heavy, Fam. Take out this heat behind us.

(The three lose the police)

Johnny: That's the last of them pigs.


Johnny: I think we lost the last of the heat, boys.

(One last cop follows them)

Johnny: One more to go.

(A police car drives towards them but Malc kills the driver and the car crashes into a pole)

Malc: You think you hard, huh?

Johnny: That was a wild ride, Malcolm. Thanks for makin' room on that pussy pad.

Malc: Ahh, always space for you, Johnny boy. Maybe we should get us a room together at the Jefferson Motel? I heard you and your brothers liked that hardcore hard rock bonding shit.

DeSean: Quick these flirtations, B.

Malc: A'ight. A'ight.

DeSean: We gotta take this shit back to Liz.

Malc: Right, right.

DeSean: Catch you round, Johnny.

Malc: You wanna kiss your daddy?

Johnny: Whoa there.

Malc: Peace out.

Johnny: See you boys later.

Alternate dialogue

Malc: Let's do this! Uptown Riders featuring The Lost in a Bohan joint, baby.

Johnny: What are you talking about, man?

Malc: Don't fucking listen to me. I'm just making shit up as I go along, baby.

Johnny: Aren't we all?

Failing the mission

DeSean dies

Malc: Shit man, DeSean. Knew that motherfucker since diapers. That shit ain't right.

Johnny: I know what it feels like to lose a brother, friend. Call me if you need anything. So long.

(Johnny calls Elizabeta)

Johnny: Things went bad Liz. DeSean had himself an accident.

Elizabeta: Did he? We all gotta die sometime, Johnny. Give Malc my condolences, okay?

Johnny's bike destroyed

Elizabeta: Where we at, Johnny?

Johnny: We ain't nowhere. Shit's fucked, Liz. There ain't no operating in this town. I'm sorry.

Elizabeta: So you should be, you know. So you should be.

Malc dies

Elizabeta: What's happening?

Johnny: Bad shit, Liz. Malc's bough it.

Elizabeta: Shit. It wouldn't be a war on drugs if there weren't victims, you know. You best count yourself lucky you still here. Bye bye, Johnny.

Post mission phone calls


Elizabeta: Johnny. How'd it go? Do I have some bail money at least.

Johnny: Deal didn't happen. Buyer got smart. Pigs got involved. Our friends're heading back with the product.

Elizabeta: Things couldn't get much worse here, you know. You know these is tough times. You best stay away from me and Marta for a while. See you.

Johnny: Alright, baby. Just don't get freaked out if you see me rolling in a cop car. Weird times call for weird measures, Liz.

Johnny: Liz? You there?

Elizabeta: Tiralo. Tira el perico. Oh Shit. Flush that shit! Tira el perico! They coming, Johnny. They fucking coming right now, you know.

Johnny: Yeah, umm, good luck, Luz. Is Marta okay?

Elizabeta: Ha ha ha. She's okay. Oh, we all good, baby. Ha, ha, ha. Bye bye.


Johnny: Ashley? What is it this time?

Ashley: Hey, Johnny boy. It's nothing. I mean it's something, but, but, it ain't like you think. I need you to meet a friend of mine - Ray Boccino.

Johnny: That guinea? Jesus, what you doing with him?

Ashley: We're not doing nothing, Johnny. Nothing we ain't supposed to. I need you to meet him, is all. We're over at Drusilla's in Little Italy. Can't wait to see you, baby.

Ashley: Johnny?

Johnny: Hey Ash. How you doing, baby?

Ashley: I been thinking about you, sugar. I want you to come see Ray Boccino. He needs some help.

Johnny: Shit, you owe him money?

Ashley: It's nothing like that. Come to Drusilla's in Little Italy.

Unknown caller

Agent Jones: Mr. Klebitz. How're things?

Johnny: Fuck off, man.

Agent Jones: You know, Johnny, you should have thought about being more forthcoming earlier in our relationship. As it happens, others in your fraternity are not as loyal as you.

Johnny: I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Agent Jones: You're about to see a close friend on the witness stand. Time's up, Johnny.

Johnny: I'll believe it when I see it, you tight-ass prick. Adios.

Post mission text messages

Johnny I heard your Hexer got messed up, call me and ill get it fixed up and ill bring it to you.

Baby, I need to see you. Get here soon. Xx