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The main page of Shitster is a website accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV for the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) music-sharing software Shitster, a parody of the original Napster service. No content can be shared as the service has been suspended due to numerous copyright violations. In lieu of its regular service, the site discusses, from a digital pirate's point of view, the issues of sharing music via P2P and DRM (Digital Rights Management) imposed on digital media.


  • Shitster is the only website in GTA IV which uses a country code top-level domain; ".de" is the top-level domain for Germany (Deutschland). It is also one of the few domains not registered by Rockstar.
  • True to Rockstar's toilet humor, the Shitster logo features a fox head, which parodies Napster's head logo, in front of a mound of fecal matter.
  • There are links to Pink Torpedo and Eunux at the bottom of the webpage.