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The following is a script for Sir, Yes Sir!, a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Juan Cortez: Diaz was pleased, and would like to meet you again.

Tommy Vercetti: Is that a good thing?

Juan Cortez: Of course! Although I'm starting to think that Diaz was responsible for our unfortunate loss...

Tommy Vercetti: What makes you say that?

Juan Cortez: One does not wave accusations at a man like Diaz - I'm merely thinking out loud... No matter. I have a proposal that you could profit from...

Tommy Vercetti: I don't have time to run more errands, Cortez.

Juan Cortez: I would have thought a man with such dangerous debts would be hungry for opportunities. Please, Tommy, at least hear me out.

Tommy Vercetti: Go on...

Juan Cortez: I have a buyer for a piece of military hardware that is being taken through town. Pick it up for me... and once you get it, I want you to call me immediately, then...

(Tommy drives to the convoy)

(If Tommy blocks the convoy)

Commander: CONVOY HALT! Get that civilian out of the way soldier!

Soldier: Sir, Yes Sir!

Commander: This is a military convoy, do not obstruct our route!

(If Tommy continues blocking)

Commander: Drop him Soldier!

(If Tommy moves out of the way)


(If Tommy blocks or goes near the tank)

Soldier: Civilian, move away from the tank!

(If Tommy continues blocking)

Soldier: I SAID, move away, IMMEDIATELY!

(If Tommy continues blocking)

Commander: Drop him soldier!

(If Tommy moves out of the way)


(If a vehicle obstructs the path instead)

Commander: Get that civilian vehicle out of our way!

Soldier: Sir! Moving vehicle Sir!

(If the path has been cleared out)


(If convoy reaches doughnut shop)

Commander: Go get some doughnuts, soldier!

Soldier: Sir, Yes Sir!

(Soldier runs into the shop and comes back with the doughnuts)

Soldier: Target acquired, Sir!

(If Tank reaches its destination safely)

Commander: Objective completed! Platoon dismissed!

Soldier: Let's go eat some doughnuts.

(If Tommy attacks the convoy)


(If Tommy kills the soldier on top of the tank)

Driver of tank: I'm getting out of here.

(If Tommy kills him from a distance)

Soldier: SNIPER!

(If tommy snipes the gunner with a sniper rifle)

Commander: What's up with the gunner?

Soldier: Sir, I dunno sir.

(Tommy enters the tank)

Military Operator: Security protocol Delta India Echo triggered! Vehicle self destruct initiated!

(The timer is nearly full)

Military Operator: Die, you communist scum!