Smackdown (GTA IV)/Script


(Niko finds Derrick talking to himself on a park bench)

Derrick: I told ya, I'm not gonna go. I'm your brother. I'm supposed to take care of my family.

Niko: Hey...

Derrick: I'm beyond being taken care of now.

Niko: Hey!

Derrick: Hey... hey...

Niko: Your brother said you needed a hand. Looks like you'll need more than that.

Derrick: Yeah... yeah... cool.

(Niko kicks the underside of the bench where Derrick's head is)

Niko: Hey! Wake up, you fucking junkie.

Derrick: I'm awake. I was just wishing you'd leave. Hey! Hey. Sit down. That's pretty good gear. I'm pretty high.

Niko: Good for you.

Derrick: Okay, don't get sanctimonious on me.

Niko: Okay. Why do you do this to yourself?

Derrick: Because it feels nice... because it feels better to be high than not...

Niko: Does it stop you thinking?

Derrick: It stops you caring, which is even better.

Niko: So... what do you care about?

Derrick: I care about getting people back who claimed I was a grass... people who used that to steal shit off me...

Niko: Maybe that is what your brother was talking about, when he said you needed help taking care of old business.

Derrick: Sure. I mean... I ain't a saint... I ain't a man of principle... I... I messed up, but I tried... I made a mistake... but I admitted it.

Niko: We all make mistakes.

Derrick: Exactly! And this guy is still threatening to kill me, and my family!

Niko: What's his name?

Derrick: Bucky Sligo.

Niko: Bucky Sligo.

Derrick: I heard he was living in Alderney. Can you get access to the police computer?

Niko: Sure...

Derrick: Find the fuck... and shut him... and his pals up.

Niko: Okay.

Derrick: His pals...


(Niko finds Bucky's whereabouts on the police computer)

Niko: Hey Derrick. Apparently your guy hangs out at a Burger Shot in Alderney.

Derrick: Go check it out, but make sure his boys are there, I want them all to pay.

Niko: What if he's alone?

Derrick: Keep the police car, he'll see you and think you're taking him down. First thing Bucky'll do is run back to his crew. Fucking coward would rather everyone go down than him take a fall alone. Sold me out, didn't he?

Niko: I guess he did, man. I'll tell you when it's done.

(Niko parks in front of the Burger Shot and Bucky drives past him and sees him)

Bucky: Fuck!

(Niko begins chasing him)

Niko: Shit Bucky, it's the cops. Go to your buddies.


Niko: Take me back to your friends, Bucky.

Niko: Run to your friends, Bucky. The cops are here.

Post mission phone call

Derrick: Niko, Niko my boy. Good to hear your voice, to speak to you I mean...

Niko: Derrick, you okay? Bucky and his boys are dead.

Derrick: What?! Sorry, nodded off for a second. Bucky, dead? Good, yeah... alive or dead, it's all the same though, isn't it? Living, dead, good, bad, right, wrong, chalk, cheese...

Niko: I'll speak to you when you are back among the living.

Post mission text message

Nicky, we wanna keep an eye on you. Have you close. There's an apartment you're gonna use from now on in Alderney. Don't worry about you cousin sleepin' alone. He'll be safe. Ciao.

Failing the mission

Bucky killed early

Niko: Bucky didn't make it to the rest of his guys. There was an accident.

Derrick: Warn me before you drop a bomb like that. I need time to prepare for bad news, you bastard. Shite.

Bucky escapes

Niko: I lost Bucky, he got away.

Derrick: Warn me before you drop a bomb like that. I need time to prepare for bad news, you bastard. Shite.